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The Red Bird in The Penguin Tribe: My Life in the Past Year


Do you want to know what happened to me during the past year? Continue reading

How Watching Silver Spoon Could Affect Your Life: a discussion


According to Silver Spoon, farming could lend you some perspectives about life. So did watching anime about farming, apparently. Here I explored some of the topics that I thought was interesting from both seasons of the show. Continue reading

Canne Interviews Hana, Ame and Yuki from ‘Wolf Children’: anime review and discussion!


Read Canne’s conversation with the main characters from Wolf Children Ame and Yuki for exclusive insights, analysis and criticism for this award-winning anime! (contain spoilers) Continue reading

Talking about Balance and the World in Black and White: Why ‘Epic’ is Wrong!


This topic has been in my mind for a long time and Epic was the final straw for me. I am so tired of these lazy, simple movies set in the world of black and white. This post is also applicable to many animations, superheroes and fantasy movies. Continue reading

Why Shin Sekai Yori is a science fiction that does not look like most science fictions


Like any good anime did to me, watching Shin Sekai Yori (aka From the New World) gave me lots of things to write about. In this post, I am focusing on the elements that set this anime from most other science fictions. Continue reading

Canne’s favorite live-action movies of 2012 – an anime fan’s choice


This post has been sitting around my desktop for months. I intended to post this after I had seen the last batch of movies from 2012. I strongly expected that the movies released around the end of 2012 would make me add several more titles into my rather short list of favorite live-action movies. But alas, none actually made the cut, even those award-winning ones. So my list of favorite live-action movies remained as short as it had been 4 months ago. Continue reading

Why do I watch anime? And how to avoid giving boring answers!


I am late to Kai’s party, like I usually do. But her project is interesting and I believe that timing is not a factor in this case. Discussion about why we watch anime may sound obsolete but it is always strangely relevant. I have read several opinions on this matter over the years. There are many reasons we watch anime. Some reasons are so generic that they can be applied to any form of media and thus, these reasons carry little weight. So you see, ‘Why do we watch anime?’ is never an easy question to answer. Still, I am going to try. (Warning: heavy sarcasms ahead!) Continue reading

More thoughts from the Book of Friends: concerning power and friends in the shadow


Despite having so many youkai appearing on screen, Natsume Yuujinchou was essentially a human story. I have already talked about my thoughts on ghosts and monsters. Now I am diving into the heart of this anime; Natsume and his friends. Continue reading

Thoughts from the Book of Friends: concerning ghosts and monsters!


Watching Natsume Yuujinchou was a pleasant experience. We all know that for a fact. But here I will talk to you about the lessons and thoughts I have picked up from my journey through several seasons of Natsume Yuujinchou. This post is only the first of the planned ‘thoughts from the Book of Friends’ post series. Continue reading