Rating System


How I rate an anime.

Unlike many other reviewers, I try not to rate each element of an anime, such as plot-character-animation-music, separately and then calculate the mean score. I don’t think it’s fair. A great anime does not need to be perfect in every aspects while a bad anime might look and sound perfect but eventually proves to be a failure. Nevertheless, there are certain features that I consider more vital that the others like the characterization, the plot or creativity. Does my emotion affect the rating? Of course it does. My feeling is the only thing that separate the anime rated A from A+.

Rating description

A+: My personal favorite, Best anime
A: Excellent, a must see for all anime fans
B+: Very good, highly recommended
B: Good, recommended with reservation
C+: Fair, you might like it
C: Mediocre, give it a try if you are totally free
D+: Poor, don’t waste your time
D: Bad, stay away from it!
F: Worst anime, it will ruin your life!