Canne’s favorite live-action movies of 2012 – an anime fan’s choice


This post has been sitting around my desktop for months. I intended to post this after I had seen the last batch of movies from 2012. I strongly expected that the movies released around the end of 2012 would make me add several more titles into my rather short list of favorite live-action movies. But alas, none actually made the cut, even those award-winning ones. So my list of favorite live-action movies remained as short as it had been 4 months ago.

Be reminded that these are the movies I like best, not the list of best movies of the year. I also did similar post for 2011, so be sure to check that out if you have not. Since this is none-anime post, I’ll keep it short. Here are my favorite movies from 2012, in no particular order.


The Cabin in the Woods

This movie had all the ominous signs usually found in bad movies before the release. But it ended up, arguably, as one of the biggest surprises of the year and definitely one of the best horror films in recent memory. Did you notice the ‘Alien’ in one of monitor screen? I did! I loved this movie for its creativity.


The Dark Knight Rises

I was happy, not simply because it was a good movie but because it miraculously met my sky-high expectation going into the cinema. The Dark Knight Rises was hardly perfect but it hit me in all the right places. It was perfect on its own term. I loved this movie for its grandeur.


Le Miserables

Let’s be honest. The movie was not that good and would not have been in this list if not for the quality of the musical numbers. Yes, I loved this movie because the music was great and part of the main theme kind of coincided with the political atmosphere around my country. Russel Crowe was a terrible singer and I was glad when he fell to his death.



Sinister was one of those few scary movies that were actually scary. I was impressed! I loved this movie for its ability to frighten me.


The Raid: Redemption

The last thing I expected to see in my list was action movie, not to mention an Indonesian action movie. This movie kept all other elements at minimal level and put everything into action. The Raid: Redemption was a good martial art movie and a great action movie. I loved this movie for its honesty.


Cloud Atlas

It was bold enough to try to weave six stories into one movie. But it took completely different level of boldness to incorporate period drama, sci-fi elements, and eastern superstition into those stories. I loved this movie for its boldness and the fact that it reminded me of many great, classic anime.


The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Despite the impressively colorful list of movies above, the one movie that I chose to leave you with was very down to earth. The Perks of Being a Wallflower was just another coming of age story but this one contained three brilliantly portrayed, relatable, characters with immense charm. I loved this movie for its heart and chemistry.

That’s my list of favorite live-action movie of 2012. If you consider the list carefully, you’d probably understand why I love anime so much. Until next time!


‘At this moment, I know that my life is not a sad story. I’m alive!’

10 responses to “Canne’s favorite live-action movies of 2012 – an anime fan’s choice

  1. Cloud atlas was AWESOME. It didn’t get anywhere close to the credit it deserves. Every story had sooooo many connections most of which you had to watch to see. Me and a friend of mine talked for an hour about all of the awesome connections afterward.

    • It was indeed an impressive work of cinema. I heard they went through lots of trouble during production and getting the funding. But this kind of film was the reason I love movies so much.

  2. I’ve never seen ANY of those Canne lollll, except maybe Dark Kn….no, I’ve never seen ANYYYY lol

  3. I have seen Le Miserables before, since I had to see it back in Highschool apart of French class, but the 2012 version is just…ugh. Like the version I saw, but the singing in the recent one just does not work, Interested in seeing Cloud Atlas, though. Hope I can find it on Netflix. I am sucker for the sci-fi genre.

    • Thank you for sharing.
      I haven’t seen the actual play which might explain why I was relatively more excited about the movie than others. But the movie was decent at best, not considering the music :)

  4. Life of Pi was hands down my favorite film of 2012. Primarily for the astounding visuals, I quite like the direction though as well.

    Now that I think about it I was a read nerd for great visuals this year. The other one quite notable for its visual and spectacle was Dredd which had some amazing visual design AND sound design for the slow-mo scenes.

    Les Miserables was my greatest disappointment. Not only were some of the singers bad, the direction was pretty terrible at bringing the audience into the world rather than down the person singing’s throat. I would have expected more from Tom Hooper after King’s Speech. One review I read said that maybe his strength isn’t in direction but rather putting the camera close-up on great actors and filming the results. I might have to agree. The atmosphere of pre-revolution France on the verge of boiling over in violence is just as important as the redemption story of Valjean, but I never really felt “the tension in the air”.

    • I was seriously considering Life of Pie while compiling the list. I thought it was the best movie of the year, but still not my favorite.
      Oh well, I started to regret putting Les Miserables in the list :/

  5. It’s been a while since I’ve commented here! Life weighing me down, no time for fun XD. I have to admit, my favorite movie on your list is The Raid. Spectacular. I was on the edge of my seat and the audience was really engaged. You’re right; it didn’t try to pretend to be something it’s not. Good ole action.

    On a side note, I’ve been wanting to say how much I enjoyed your “anime blogger gender” post that you wrote months ago :P I…didn’t know you were a girl until I read that >.> And nice Psycho Pass review. I should watch it. Thanks for commenting on my writer’s review (again, late thanks <.<)

    • Thank you for the comment :)
      The Raid was a present surprise and I was ironically drawn to it by Hollywood media rather than local ones.

      ps. I never said I was girl…really (@_@)

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