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Canne’s favorite live-action movies of 2012 – an anime fan’s choice


This post has been sitting around my desktop for months. I intended to post this after I had seen the last batch of movies from 2012. I strongly expected that the movies released around the end of 2012 would make me add several more titles into my rather short list of favorite live-action movies. But alas, none actually made the cut, even those award-winning ones. So my list of favorite live-action movies remained as short as it had been 4 months ago. Continue reading

The Seven Tyrannies that Crush Anime Fandom

Anime is our escape, where any dreams are possible. Anime is our freedom, the door that leads to a place beyond our mortal senses. Anime is the wings that fly us to the world so large and yet so private. Of course, we can live our lives without it. But life with anime is much more interesting. Am I exaggerating? Maybe I am. But I tell you now, I am not lying. But why does it have to end? Continue reading

Canne’s Criteria for Identification of True ‘Anime Fan’ (plus common scenarios!)

This post is a direct continuation of ‘When did your anime fandom truly begin?’ in which I talked about the time when anime fandom truly began. After I wrote that post, it occurred to me that I was also discussing about the nature of ‘anime fan’ as well. What I wrote could be used to identify a person who was an anime fan. Continue reading

When did your anime fandom truly begin?

To celebrate 10 years of being an anime fan (can you believe that?), I am writing a multiple post series focusing on anime fandom. I reckon despite more than four years of anime blogging, I seldom wrote about anime fandom at all (with few exceptions). So for this first part, I’ll discuss about that specific time when a person start being a true anime fan. Continue reading