The Red Bird in The Penguin Tribe: My Life in the Past Year


Do you want to know what happened to me during the past year? Continue reading

Final Impression and Review of All Four Seasons of Natsume Yujinchou


Don’t let the fact that I spent over 5 years to complete all four seasons of Natsume Yujinchou discourage you from this series. It was quite brilliant, actually. Continue reading

Challenging Gender Roles: Review and Discussion of Wandering Son


It was still the story of boy and a girl. But this time, we had the boy who wanted to be a girl and a girl who wanted to be a boy. Continue reading

Life can be cruel, but not without hope: Review of Silver Spoon


Of course, Silver Spoon was an anime about farming. The anime took us far deeper into the agricultural world than we could ever imagine possible. Even more impressively, the show also had several ideas hidden beneath the farming stories (also read this post). Here I gave my general impression of both seasons of the show. Continue reading

How Watching Silver Spoon Could Affect Your Life: a discussion


According to Silver Spoon, farming could lend you some perspectives about life. So did watching anime about farming, apparently. Here I explored some of the topics that I thought was interesting from both seasons of the show. Continue reading

Battles of Sinners, Dreamers, and Lost Souls: Review of Fate/Zero


After the disappointment of watching bland high school kids playing magical war games in Fate/Stay Night back in 2006, I was delight to see this series finally reached its full potential in Fate/Zero. This time, we got to see real magi in real battle. This review contains spoilers. Continue reading

New Year, New Perspectives

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A Boy and His Magical Piano: Review of Piano no Mori


Piano no Mori was certainly interesting and inspiring. But why did it have to be in the forest? Couldn’t it be piano in the attic, instead? (This review contains minor spoilers.) Continue reading

Let’s Live a Colorful Life! – Review of Colorful


It was really hard to make Colorful sounded attractive. The anime overall was incredibly somber. Grey and blue made up for most of the film’s color template. Despite that, Colorful talked about how complex people could be and seriously explored several issues in our society. This review contains minor spoilers. Continue reading