Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops -Angel Wings- anime review

What’s with the excessively long name? All it does was to remind me that this is another remake (the fourth, to be exact) from this long running series of Doraemon movies. As the name implies, this is the remake of 1986 movies, Doraemon: Nobita and the Steel Troops. Be warned that you are about to read the most biased review from me because not only did the 1986 version was my favorite Doraemon movie but also one of my all-time favorite anime.

Nobita accidentally runs into giant robot’s parts in the North Pole. With Doraemon’s help, he complete assembling it and hides it in the world in the mirror. The robot is called Santa Clause. Later, a strange girl named Lilulu appears in town looking for her lost robot. The real adventure begins when Nobita and friends learn why Lilulu and a giant robot are sent to Earth.

This movie is family sci-fi story in its most fundamental form. It contains several classic elements like time travel and parallel universe (the details of these topics had been extensively discussed in my old post published last year – link1, link 2). I am somewhat grateful that most of the essence of the original film, along with the majority of emotional moments, remains intact. But the problem arises from the fact that the original was already a perfect movie in its own way.

This remake half-heartedly tries to be different by altering a number of trivial things or adding more details to certain characters. Personification of Santa Clause is probably the most conspicuous addition into this movie. In the old movie, Santa Clause was largely a machine controlled by either Lilulu or Nobita. Lilulu took central role and she was the sole representative of the conscience of the invading robot army. She was the focus of all the drama and the connection between robots and human. In the new movie, this role is divided between Santa Clause (in the form of cute little yellow monster) and Lilulu. The addition proves to be redundant with two characters playing the exact same role. Consequently, the number of emotional scenes is doubled and they are too forced. The overly cuddly Santa Clause did not work too well with me either, though I suspect that this wasn’t the case for young audience.

With that said, Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops is still a satisfying entry into Doraemon franchise. Young children who have never seen old Doraemon movies have the opportunity to witness the brilliance of classic Doraemon stories through these remakes. And I have to admit that the animation is fantastic to look at. I felt good watching it because it brought back lots of good memories. I felt good because the original made me feel good. This movie is good because it is smart enough to be faithful to the original. In the end, the credits still go to the 1986 movie. I told you this is a very biased review.

Rating: B+

Title: Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops: ~Angel Wings~
Genre: action, fantasy, sci-fi
Released date: March 5, 2011
Running Time: 108 minutes
Distributed by: Toho

21 responses to “Doraemon: Nobita and the New Steel Troops -Angel Wings- anime review

  1. Haha, it is a really biased review, but I enjoyed hearing snarky old Canne getting nostalgic over old favorites. I know a lot of old books and shows that I feel the same way about — everyone has childhood favorites.

  2. I cant see anything biased in here. All I see are nostalgic messages that I do not complain about

  3. This is the No.1 Doraemon movie in my life.. In my childhood 90’s, the original ones make me cried at the end..To me, the original version of the ending song was more better with lilulu flying leaving earth :)

    I’ve fell younger again lol… like it was just yesterday..


    • You and I are the same!
      The original Steel Troops was my all time favorite movie and I cried at the end. ^_^

      • hey i havent seen the original version,i have seen the current version-and it made me cry :) and yeah canne a wonderful blog-keep writing
        country -india

  4. in the trailer shizuka was present when pippo came out but in the movie she was absent

  5. *I love doraemon & this mv is totally awesome…..

  6. Where do you get this movie????

    • I watched this one in my local cinema which was a rare opportunity for me. As for other anime, there are many other ways to obtain it, albeit with some endeavor.

  7. Great review! I when I watched the movie, I noticed that Suneo’s robot isn’t as involved as he was in both the 1986 movie and the book.

    • They apparently spent too much time chibifying Santa Claus >_<

      • Pretty much. Even so, I didn’t really mind the change. But I will admit, this remake is the most altered from the original out of all the remakes they made so far (Nobita’s Dinosaur 2006, Nobita’s New Great Adventure Into The Underworld, Nobita’s New Record Of A Spaceblazer and this one to be specific).

  8. I also don’t know why, but I always felt the main theme to the movie should have been Iron Man by Black Sabbath.

  9. I love both the original and the remake. The pacing of the original was better, but I actually like the addition of Pippo. His heart to hear talk with Nobita was the scene that made my cried like a baby. Great review!

    • I believe that Pippo scene was really effective, although a little too forced for me. I was probably too fixated on the original version.

  10. i just love doraemon for his emotion.Nobody understands this emotion of doraemon in nobita in the steeltroops ;this is the still best movie i ever saw very nice it is riroru has a soul of robot but she and pippo had the feelings of human being they understood that they are acctualy our friends i would really like to meet her ……………….pippo also was effective to me
    from-srotoswini ghatak
    class 4 sec a roll no 40

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