Last post of 2009: Anime decade lists, To my readers and Happy Holidays!

Forgive me for this near filler post. I originally plan to post two more anime reviews this month but the latest Avatar post came up and my schedule got messed up. Right now I feel that it’d be inappropriate to post just another anime review as the final post of the year so I gather small bits and pieces of materials (some of which are inspired by other bloggers) and this post finally takes shape.

This post is composed of three parts: anime lists (of the decade), To my readers and typical holidays cerebration.

PART ONE: Anime decade lists

In reponse to several other anime bloggers who has posted their lists of top anime of the year/decade, I create my own small lists as well. There’re only top fives because I think the smaller the list, the clearer my feelings toward them are. Though there are many other great anime out there, these anime in my lists are my absolute personal  favorites.

Anime Lists (in alphabetical order)

Top five anime movie of the decade
1.5 Centimeters per Second
2.Millennium Actress
4.Spirited Away
5.Sword of the Stranger

Top five anime series of the decade
1.Haibane Renmei
2.Last Exile
3.Library War
4.Paranoia Agent
5.Real Drive (RD senno chosashitsu)

Top five OP of the decade
1.Inner Universe (Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex)
2.Lilium (Elfen Lied)
3.Kiri (Ergo Proxy)
4.Karma (Requiem for the Phantom)
5.Sacred Moon (Tsukihime, Lunar Legend)

PART TWO: To my readers

To my readers

I just want to thank all my frequent readers and commentators because you are the ones that keep this blog alive (of course, my gratitude goes to all my unnamed silent readers as well, you know who you are)

Big thank you to: Blur, Chii, FaS, Glo, Guy, Hanners, Katsura-chan, Kitsune, Kluxorious, Loba, Ningyo, Raitosaito, Ryan_A, Ruby, Sakura, Scamp, Schneider, Shanny, Shin, Steve, TJ, Washi, Yi, zzeroparticle and everyone who has exchanged links with me or whom I closely follow (look at my blogroll)

PART THREE: Happy Holidays!

I’m terribly sorry for missing Christmas Day but the holidays and celebration has just begun, right? Happy Holidays everyone!

After the holidays, I will return to my regular anime review posting and I’ll do my best! I hope you’ll be around and share your ideas with me sometimes.

42 responses to “Last post of 2009: Anime decade lists, To my readers and Happy Holidays!

  1. Kinda disagree with YOUR top 5 anime list of the decade. Library War and RD were OK but they aren’t really that good enough.

    • You are actually right about Library War and RD. They are great but not out standing by general standard. I put them up simply because I personally, emotionally admire them. They are just right for me. I’ll post my review on RD next :)

  2. Happy holidays!

    Out of your lists, I’ve only seen Spirited Away. I should try to watch a few more anime movies during winter vacation lol.

  3. Top 5 movie:

    Where is The Girl Who Leapt Through Time? (God I need to see sword of the stranger)

    Top 5 anime:

    Where is InuYasha (oh wait, I’m the only one left who loves this show)….in that case….Where is Welcome to the N.H.K.?

    Everything else I find fine (I love the Ergo Proxy OP).

    I can’t believe that you linked to a lot of your readers. I am far too lazy to do that. (I would definitely forget people). I too have written a post of short awards (not up yet, waiting for tomorrow), and….well……okay it isn’t a short. It’s becoming hard for me to write short posts lately (or comments, apparently). Happy Holidays, and may something good happen to you or something like that.

    • Happy Holidays! May good things happen to you, too:)
      btw, Regrettably, I dropped Inuyasha after its very first season and haven’t return to it since. And for the Girl Who Leapt Through Time, it is a lovely show but not that special for me. -_-

  4. Sacred Moon hits on the soaring vocals pretty darn well and I must say that I like the ethereal sort of feeling it gives me. I’d probably have Twelve Kingdoms’s OP and Gunslinger Girl’s OP on my respective list as well because those were so good. Then again, no one ever said narrowing it down to five was ever easy :p

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year!

  5. Agreed completely with Haibane Renmei. One of my favorite anime ever! Definitely top five among the anime I’ve seen.

    Happy holidays!

  6. I may have only just started reading your blog in the last couple of weeks, but I’ve really been enjoying your content and look forward to reading more in the new year. Thanks for the mention and, more importantly, thanks for the reading material. ^^

  7. I feel honored to receive a big thanks. I’ll wipe a tear lol
    I’m new in the blogsphere but for now it’s full of nice people and i enjoy reading you.
    It’s very interesting and i discovered 4 new titles in your top 5. If they’re in your top 5, definitively worth to be watched :)
    If you have a banner i’ll be delighted to put it on my own blog.

    For the titles i know in your top i totally agree, i was completely charmed by Haibane Renmai. Very poetic.
    The only movie i didn’t see is Millennium Actress, i’ll check on it right now.
    Usually i don’t remember OP but those you listed stays in my mind. In fact i watched them several times and i do it only for OP i like very much.

    Happy holidays :)

    • Happy Holidays! Millennium Actress is one of Satoshi Kon’s best work. It may be a little convoluted, like all Kon’s movies, but it is brilliant nevertheless. Oh! I have never thought of banners before but since you brought it up, I’ll start working on that and will let you know :)

  8. Yay! A fan who watched Millennium Actress! Amazing movie I must say! Love Haibane Renmei too! ^^

    Thanks for dropping by and warmest wishes to you during this festive holiday season! :)

  9. I totally can’t understand the point behind posting ‘Best… Of decade’ posts, I mean, we don’t remember most of them, right? We can’t really tell much about them or even more – compare them. Therefore in my opinion, the only thing that should be included in these kind of posts, should be ‘Memorable moments’, which won’t get away from you no matter how long ago in these 10 years it was.

    Well, thanks for including me! I’m reading all posts that I have any idea about and I don’t plan to change that in the next year.

    About openings, I agree about Lilum and Kiri, were just poetic, but Karma, even though it’s that kind of opening too, it wasn’t all that great comparing to these awesomely-made ops like Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood 1st, Eden of the East was also goddamn epic, Zoku Natsume Yuujinchou’s one I could stick to forever too.

    I might be a bit pushy sometimes with my likes, but this time that’s really objective opinion.

    Happy holidays Canne~!

    • Happy Holidays!
      Top five really cannot represent a decade. I didn’t intend to do this since my blog was already a review blog in the first place but I was inspired by other bloggers. The list are just my personal favorites, the ones that affected me emotionally as well as technically :)
      Ah yes, Eden of the East OP follows close behind within top ten range .

  10. There’re only top fives because I think the smaller the list, the clearer my feelings toward them are.

    Valid. :)

    Very interesting top 5 series mix (esp. Library War), and the OP selection is rad, I love me some of those OPs.

    Happy Holidays! Hope you relax and enjoy the rest of the year!

  11. Hmm… Made me feel all doki-doki inside. :p

    Lol. I phail yet again, when I say I have not watched a single title from your list of anime movies. Arggh. Need to sleep less! Watch more!

    Ergo Proxy – Kiri was definitely something new at that time. The video was dark and sketchy and the music suited well. Definitely left a lasting impression on me.

    Happy Holidays to you too!
    May you find more time to enjoy your animes and more importantly, Life… :)

    • nah, it is okay. I actually watch those movies a few years after their release and there were some that I haven’t watched -_- (which were not mentioned here, naturally)
      OMG, ‘more time’ is exactly what I need right now! The fear and frustration due to the extremely tight schedule in 2010 linger in my mind so often these days. Thanks! Happy Holidays!

  12. Thanks for the mention!

    I am currently experiencing internet problems, so logging on from school, which is less than ideal.

    Your top anime list, well, it surprises me :P I wonder how much you’ve watched that I’d put up there, or how much that I’d put up there you didn’t watch.

    Also, there’s another problem with “Decade lists” and such, usually the people making them are not going over all the things released and singling out the best, but rather try to think up what they liked the most. And while “Memorable” is certainly an important quality, it is both different from “Good”, and is dependant on luck, of what one simply thought of at the moment.

    I didn’t like Paprika that much, it was ok, but it almost felt masturbatory, pretentious in the extreme. Or rather, they didn’t have a good enough story and made up for that by making it overly convoluted.

    Spirited Away, well, you can read what I thought of that (and you had ;))

    Happy holidays! See you 2010, or even before ;)

    • After reading several comments about the defects of making a decade list (which are true, actually), I kind of glad I didn’t write too much about them but at least it stirs up a good deal of discussion -_-‘ Happy Holidays and Happy new year!

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  14. Awe thanks :))) merry late Christmas and happy upcoming new year :) Hmmm, idk about top 5 series though :( I haven’t finished watching bakemonogatari and hate bing so mainstream, but the production value of it was just sooooo great. Unfortunately I’ve never seen paranoia agent all the way through, so I can’t really say much, but from what I did see, I liked it.

    HOWEVER, I think you pretty much hit the hammer with Lilium from Elfen Lied. In fact, I bought my girls sister the elfen lied boxset for Christmas. I was gonna do a giveaway for my site for Christmas…but a couple things got in the way :p I have the E.L. Soundtrack on my iPhone and love most of the soundtrack.

    Greatttt list Canne :)

    • I hope you sister isn’t too young for the blood splashing first episode of Elfen Lied and yeah, I love Lilium very much and never get tired of listening to it. Happy Holidays!

      • From my experience, kids love blood and gory movies, it’s the adults who have a problem with the children watching those.
        My cousin who was 9 or so at the time really loved Princess Mononoke.

        I think the nudity may be more of an issue, you know?

      • @Guy -Oh! I didn’t think about nudity at all! (hehe, a failure of an adult?) -_-;

      • I wonder if nudity bothers kids, or it’s another “Adults worried about kids” thing.

        But for Elfen Lied, definitely.

      • Lol. There was one scene which messed up my freaking mind as a kid.

        We were having a family gathering during the festives and my dad decided to show off his “Hi-Fi System”. Plonked in a Total Recall LD (yes… Laser Disc. Lol!) and cranked up the volume.

        There we were, sitting, chatting, eating snacks, watching the show etc. etc. When all of a sudden, everyone stopped chatting. And stared at the Tv.

        It was the 3-boob scene from Total Recall.

        MmAUhAHAHahhaHAHha… Remembering it now cracks me up.

        Kids (I was one of them) were having their mind sucked right out of them through their eye sockets. While the adults rushed to cover their kids eyes.

        One day I will never forget.

        So it goes both ways I guess
        “nudity bothers kids” (before puberty at least)
        and “Adults worry about kids”…


      • The adults rushed to cover your eyes?! I’ve always thought that only happened in movies. No one has ever covered my eyes when I was a kid but they changed the channel abruptly sometimes :)

  15. How come “the girl who lepted through time” isn’t on your movie list? xD its awesome :3 hmm I didn’t watch 5 Centimeters per Second because it looked really boring but I’ll give it a try since its your top movie hmm ..Haibane Renmei never heard of it xD oh and happy holidays ^^

    • After hearing so many people praise Girl Who leapt Through Time, I have decided to rewatch it and re-assess my impression about this anime :) Happy Holidays!

  16. Happy New Year, Canne! :D

    Several of your choices are on my decade list as well :)

  17. I can’t make lists, I love so many its just too hard to narrow it down to just a few.

    I hope you had a great holiday yourself :)

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