Read or Die (OVA): anime review

Title: Read or Die (OVA)
Genre: action, fantasy
Released date: 23 May 2001
Episodes: 3
Director: Koji Masunari
Animated by: Studio Deen
Comment: R.O.D. was a fast-paced and action-packed anime about a book worm with ability to control papers that kept me at the edge of my seat for full 90 minutes. The story began after the US Library of Congress was attacked. The British Library sent a team to investigate the secret agenda behind the attack. The team consisted of Yomiko Readman, Nancy and Drake Anderson. The story of this OVA was like another episode of the series only longer and involved greater number of characters so it mainly concentrated on action not character development but the eye-popping action scenes, the characters’ extra-ordinary powers and many funny moments were woven together so well that they could make up for all that and were the strong points of this anime. The animation was very well done and the music effectively added the energy to the anime’s fast pace. The joke about the USA president was hilarious. Conclusion: well directed and a nonstop fun, R.O.D was an extremely enjoyable anime for everyone, even those who were no fans of anime.
Rating: B+

2 responses to “Read or Die (OVA): anime review

  1. I really liked this movie to be honest. Haven’t seen the TV show, but I look forward to it.

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