The Aniblog Tourney begins for real: a few words from both persona of Canne

Addendum (May 14, 2012): Canne has advanced to the third round of the 2nd Aniblog Tourney in which only 64 blogs remains to compete. My big thank you goes to all of you my readers, fellow bloggers and friends both old and new. Your support is deeply appreciated. And lastly, I tip my hat to my good friend, Jordan of The Otaku HQ. Don’t forget to visit his blog.

Until the next round…

Canne’s anime review blog has finally stepped into the arena! It’s a pleasure to have friends, new and old, gathered here even for a short while. In order to make this post (which many people said was obligatory) more entertaining, I have employed the post format I occasionally used in my anime reviews; the debate between positive and negative persona of Canne.

Positive Canne: Hello everyone! You have no idea how excited I am right now! For the second time, we are participating in the Aniblog Tourney. I have already discovered and re-discovered so many great blogs. This tourney is about…

*Negative Canne snatches the mic away*

Negative Canne: Can you please get to the point? People don’t want to read the same old stuff that every single blog has already written!

Positive Canne: Alright, alright! The point of this post is to give new visitors a quick impression of this blog and to remind old friends why this blog is worthy of their support. But truth be told, as the official goal of the tourney stated, the fact that you guys are here has already served the tourney’s purpose. I know that we don’t update as often as others and maybe not as funny…

*Negative Canne snatches the mic away*

Negative Canne: What’s the matter with you displaying our weakness to people like that?! This is not the time to discredit yourself ! Let me put it this way, Canne’s anime review blog is a solo anime blog and has been active for four and a half years. We did things in our own pace and style. But one thing you can be certain, we are always regular and consistent in what we do. We do not post a lot but we post something that matters. We do not usually follow trendy topics so you can be sure that you’ll find something different here when everyone else is talking about the same show all over the blogsphere. We do both series/movies reviews and editorials when we are inspired.

Positive Canne: Let me continue! Negative Canne is absolutely right! So I urge you to browse through our blog for reviewsand editorials via the main menu. Or if you want a quick look at our most important works, simply check out our FLAGSHIP CONTENTS page. We have compiled lots of great posts you might be interested in there.

Negative Canne: For once we are in agreement. Go on!

Positive Canne: Thanks. I just want to let you know that having you guys here reading our works puts warm feeling into my heart. That is the most rewarding thing for me. We also secretly hope that our works will inspire you to think and do wonderful things in your life. As for the tourney, my fate in your hands and your support will be deeply appreciated!

Negative Canne: Oh, and if you want to see this post format in its full potential, check out these reviews in which we hadsome heated debate about certain anime.

*phone rings*

Positive Canne: *picks up the phone* Hello? Who’s this? Wha…wait…is this for real? Is it really you, GoGo? Hey, it’s GoGo Yubari herself calling! OMG, I can’t believe this. She has been my avatar since the very beginning! Now she’s here!

Negative Canne: She has something to say? Well, let’s hear what she has to say!

*turns on the speaker*

GoGo: It’s been two years since the last battle but my hunger for blood never goes away! Vote for Canne for he is my biggest fan. Vote for Canne for I will make sure you regret it if you don’t! Vote for Canne unless you want my meteor hammer buried deep into your skulls!

*hangs up*

Positive and negative Canne: Isn’t she fascinating? Well, that’s all for now and we hope to see you again soon here or better, in the next round. Oh! and one more thing, please vote for Glo and either Klux or Chii as well!

24 responses to “The Aniblog Tourney begins for real: a few words from both persona of Canne

  1. Go for it Canne!

  2. Fight….. I believe you can do and hope to grasp the chance of winner!

  3. 頑張って、カンネさん!

    Also, I voted for you. Good luck!

  4. Best of luck, my opponent and friend.

  5. I wish you good luck. I’m very proud of you,Canne.

  6. You are in the lead. The plan is working! Fuck, our bracket sure is entertaining. Good luck!

  7. Voted. Best of luck in the tourney.

  8. Good luck, you have my vote!

  9. Go Canne! Voted. You look in good shape in the first round. Hope it continues!

  10. Congratulations on defeating the incredible juggernaut that is the OHQ! May you press onward to ever greater heights of glory.

    TRANSLATION: I’ll be voting for you.

  11. If only my post was half this good. Can’t say no to Gogo…..unless you want a sword through the midsection.

    Ferrari is a shit car.

    • I am still in the process of recovering from the shock of your results. But never feel bad about it. Number is a trick, a shadow and illusion. Your friends are still around!

      ps. your post was funnier :)

  12. My goodness, I always seem to enter and exit the blogging world right when this tournament starts. The last time I visited your blog after a LOOOOONG absence this was just starting then too. Well you have my support this time too :)

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