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X/1999: anime review

Title: X/1999
Genre: action, supernatural, fantasy
Released date: August 3, 1996
Director: Rintaro
Animated by: Madhouse Studio
Comment: X the movie, based on CLAMP’s manga of the same title, was a big disappointment especially for CLAMP’s fans. In the manga, the stories of the fourteen characters were the most memorable part and were what actually pushed the whole manga forward. But in this movie all the details of the manga were blindly cramped into a 100 minute-long movie. All the characters practically appeared but they had at most a few lines of dialogue and they were all card board characters killing each other for no reasons. Even the main plot about Kamui and Fuma were incoherently told. The only redeeming quality of the anime was its visuals but that didn’t change the fact that X/1999 was a disaster. Conclusion: This is my advice; to the viewers, read the manga or watch the TV series instead; to the producers and the director, sometimes doing nothing is a wise decision.
Rating: D