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Wolf’s Rain: anime review

: Wolf’s Rain
Genre: sci-fi, fantasy, action
Released date: January 6, 2003 – July 29, 2003
Episode: 30 (26 plus 4 OVA episodes)
Director: Tensai Okamura
Animated by: Studio BONES
Comment: What a powerful tale! The anime was set in a post-apocalyptic world where the nobles ruled human society, the monsters ruled the wild, the futuristic technology and most primitive tribes coexisted and the wolves walked among men in disguised. Four wolves traveled through many strange lands in pursue of the paradise with the help from the daughter of flower. The story was engaging and very imaginative, the action scenes were great. The characters were, in my opinion, the most impressive element of the series. They were full of depth, development and almost all of them had tragic past. Nevertheless, the ending was left open for the viewer’s interpretation and might be unsatisfactory for many people because at the end the wolves didn’t really find the paradise they sought and they all died and the journey continued. As for me, I think the anime was mainly about the journey so the ending was appropriate and it wasn’t that sad at the end because, if you have seen it, there was a shot of moon flower in final scene which represented hope. The music by Yoko Kanno was really good. Warning: make sure you buy the OVA before start watching Wolf’s Rain because you will get upset when you reach episode 26 and realize that it isn’t the end.
Rating: B+