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The Book of Bantorra: anime review – It’s about Hamyuts Machesa…no, it was Mesata…or was it Meseta?

I think a lot of people believe that characters with too generic names can be easily forgotten. So some anime/manga names its characters with exotic names. The Book of Bantorra was one such anime. I had difficult time getting familiar with these strange names like Hamyuts Meseta or Mirepoc Finedel. But as the series progressed, I started feeling that these names sounded kind of melodic and charming. Not that I would judge anime by its characters’ name, of course. Continue reading

Recalling 2010: Canne’s most memorable anime moments

This is a partially obligatory post for me. New Year is approaching and everyone is celebrating (inside and outside their blogs). So here I am, writing the 2010 summary post and celebrating in my own way. Continue reading