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Our world is the most beautiful place: reflections from The Grid

I spent part of my New Year holiday at the cinema. I watched Tron Legacy expecting it to be as spectacular as the trailers, TV spots and the online buzz said it would be. Well, it was far from that but it didn’t mean that the movie was a total waste of time. In this article I will talk about what the film told me. It was something awfully simple, very basic. In fact, it was something we already know. Tron told me the world was the most beautiful place. Continue reading

Sora no Woto: anime review – Let’s stop the war, not try to win it!

Review: Anti-war stories usually focus on war, battle fields, ruined towns and people getting murdered so that the viewers feel how bad the war is. Sora no Woto is also anti-war story but it places itself in the completely opposite end of the spectrum in term of presentation. Sora no Woto focuses on peace and life filled with happiness. It does not tell the viewers how brutal war is but rather what we would lose if we let the war begin. It tells us to stop the war, not to win it, and that’s what impressed me the most about this show. (This post contains spoilers.) Continue reading