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Real Drive: anime review – Everything is connected

Review: Real Drive (RD senno Chosashitsu), by the first look, has nothing that draws my interest; the opening theme is noisy with generic atmosphere and rather silly sequences, the character design that, though realistic, isn’t standing out and the sci-fi theme that initially seems just like another cyberspace diving story. But when I actually took a step into its world, I realized how foolish I was and I was utterly horrified thinking about how my life might have been if I had decided to drop this wonderful anime. Continue reading

Avatar, Real Drive and Nausicaa: A common theme from different world and time.

This is the first time I write a post partly related to non-anime subject but to me, Avatar feels, technically, thematically and emotionally, closer to anime than life-action movie. What inspires me to write this post is the conspicuous similarity of Avatar’s theme to two anime I’ve recently watched, Real Drive and Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.

This is not a review article so I will not go into much plot details. Hence, there will be no spoilers. Continue reading