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To live fast and die young: a personal post

This is our decision, to live fast and die young. We’ve got the vision. Now let’s have some fun!

This is a very personal post and I am afraid that I’ll regret writing this. But then again, I’ve been afraid my entire life. Continue reading

Intermission: Let’s not talk, just listen…

Crushed by real life, I looked for something to rekindle what’s left of my soul and sanity by ransacking my music collection. I found what I was looking for and I wanted to share them with you. So relax, listen and free your mind. Here we go… Continue reading

Makurokurosuke stethoscope and a collection of mini-posts (part 1)

Foreword: though the content in this post is not directly related to Yi’s collection of thoughts, the purpose of this post is directly inspired by hers. I have had quite a number of small personal topics that I want to post but the content is too thin to make individual post for each of them. This pattern is a good solution. Continue reading

A personal post: this is Canne, blogging about anime from the burning city!

I think everyone needs to write something personal once in a while especially when real life hits you hard. This is such a time for me. But first, no, I am not announcing my retirement from blogging or something like that. I just want to let what has been weighting in my heart out. Have you read the world news lately? If you did then you must have already known that my city is burning. Continue reading

Special Post: Dear Minister, please do everyone a favor and kill yourself!

Since I’ve been talking a lot about freedom in my previous post, I’d like to share some local event of my country, which is also related to the same theme, with you. Last month the ICT (Ministry of Information and Communication Technology of Thailand) announced that they would have all the internet providers in the country install the ‘Sniffer’ at their internet gateways. Sniffer would monitor and report all data traveling through the gateways to the ICT. Continue reading

Graduation ceremony…I’d rather stay home watching anime and blogging

Though my blog has been around since late 2007, I’ve just fully emerged as an anime blogger last year and made lots of friends around the blogsphere. Since all of you are my friends, I feel like I’m obligated to share at least some aspect of my personal life with you. Forgive me (again) for this near filler post. I just need to rant a bit about next week because it will be my graduation ceremony and all hell will break loose. Continue reading