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Paranoia Agent: anime review

Title: Paranoia Agent
Genre: suspense, mystery, horror, comedy
Released date: 2 February 2004 – 18 May 2004
Episode: 13
Director: Satoshi Kon
Comment: Again Satoshi Kon amazed me on how he told simple story in a very interesting way. While watching Paranoia Agent, the viewers would always wonder if the events were real or just someone’s fantasy. The main plot was about a series of street assaults by the mysterious boy wielding baseball bat (people called him Shonen Bat). Initially, the attacks had no obvious pattern but when the number of victims increased, it seemed like all of the victims were feeling desperate when they were attacked. Each episode was unique in many ways; different main character, different mood, different style of story telling but all of them were cleverly related to the Shonen Bat. The direction and the screenplay were wonderful and imaginative with hidden social comments and psychological issues. The animation was colorful. After watching the series I had a mixed feeling of wonder, thrill, shock and great admiration for Satoshi Kon for his wild imagination and ideas. Conclusion: another must see anime.
Rating: A