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Paprika: anime review

Title: Paprika
Genre: sci-fi,fantasy
Released date: November 25, 2006
Director: Satoshi Kon
Animated by: Madhouse Studio
Comment: Like other Kon’s anime, the story was quite simple. The main idea was nothing new in sci-fi genre. The usual dark aspect of technology and humen’s mind was discussed. What made this anime special were the stunning visuals and how the story was told. The vision of dreams and reality were melted together which resulted in a dream-like experience for viewers. It won’t be wise trying to make a sense of every detail in the plot line because this anime was one giant dream and dreams weren’t supposed to make any sense. Paprika gave the viewers a very new experience. Kon deliberately put in crazy and colorful things scenes after scenes and with the exceptional original score succeeded in creating a totally out standing work. But despite all these crazy stuffs, there were also familiar elements hidden in the story such as the unlikely love between Dr. Atsuko and Tokita and the villain who only wanted power. Conclusion: Paprika was another impressive work by Satoshi Kon and it was a must see for anyone who loved new and imaginative ideas.
Rating: A