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Diary of an anime lived: Ocean Waves and my high school rebellion (part 2)

This is the second part of my diary of an anime lived. Make sure you read the first part before entering this post. In the first part, I talked about how my high school was and how all the conflict began. In this post, I share with you how it went and how it finally ended. Continue reading

Diary of an anime lived: Ocean Waves and my high school rebellion (part 1)

This post is part of ‘Diary of an anime lived’ series created by Digiboy and apparently everyone has done this at some point in the past. After reading this, you will understand why Ocean Waves sways me so much and earns the highest rating from me. What’s more, you will also learn another aspect of me that you probably never know. In the end, you will be the one who decide whether I am selfish, stubborn, immature, rebellious, liberal or simply normal. Continue reading

Canne’s Top 10 Studio Ghibli Works (part 2)

Before you start reading this post, please make sure you’ve read, or at least skimmed through, part 1 of Canne’s top 10 Studio Ghibli works. Now we have reached the top 5 of Ghibli works that I love most. Let’s begin! Continue reading

Ocean Waves (aka I Can Hear the Sea): anime review

Title: Ocean Waves (aka I Can Hear the Sea)
Genre: drama, romance
Released date: May 5, 1993
Running Time: 72 minutes
Director: Tomomi Mochizuki
Animated by: Studio Ghibli
Comment: It was probably because I’ve watched countless anime series and movies in which monsters walked in the cities, people had supernatural powers, teenagers saved the world and miracles happened everyday that when I watched Ocean Waves I was literally stunned by its simplicity, tranquility and warmth. The story was simply the lives of three high school students, Taku, Matsuno and Rikako, in their last year before going to collage. Their personalities, their pasts and their relationships were smartly described by normal events such as the scene in which Taku showed his courage in expressing his opinion against the teachers about canceling the school trip or when Rikako had a fight with her dad a ran to Taku’s hotel room and as a consequence Taku had to sleep in the bath tub. The animation was average but greatly benefited from stillness that made every scene so beautiful and gave viewers a chance to meditate and appreciate the anime even more. The final scene when Taku saw Rikako at the train station was unbelievably touching with the 360 degree camera rotation. Conclusion: This is one of those rare animes that filled me with joy every time I watch it. One of my favorites.
Rating: A+