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Mai Hime (aka My Hime): anime review

Title: Mai Hime aka My Hime
Genre: action, fantasy, comedy, romance
Released date: September 30, 2004 – March 31, 2005
Episode: 26
Director: Masakazu Obara
Animated by: Studio Sunrise
Comment: Mai Hime is generally another ‘magical girls’ anime that combines fantasy, comedy, drama and mecha subgenres. It is an exceptionally strong proof of how scary teenage girls can be when they are in love and wield deadly weapons. HIMEs are girls who are gifted with superpowers. They can materialize their personal weapons called ‘element’ and they can summon powerful biomechanical creatures, the Child. Tokiha Mai, along with other several girls who are also Hime, is recruited to Fuka Academy which will serve as the background of the series. Early in the series, Mai and her friends use their powers to defeat Orphans, the monsters terrorizing the school. Later, they learn about their true missions and destinies that can decide the fate of the Earth. Continue reading