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Lament of the Lamb: anime review

Title: Lament of the Lamb (Hitsuji no Uta)
Genre: drama, horror
Released date: May 25, 2003
Episode: 4 (OVA)
Director: Gisabuo Sugii
Animated by: Madhouse studio
Comment: An extremely depressing story about Kazuna and his sister Chizuna who inherited a rare disease from their mother. The disease made them get uncontrollably thirsty when they saw blood or any blood colored liquid (vampirism). The story focused on Kazuna who recently discovered his illness and how he struggled to survived in the society. The anime was elaborately slow to emphasize the sadness, the despair and the loneliness of the lead characters. The most interesting part of this anime was that it showed a completely different aspect of vampire story; There were no scary or action scenes, no vampire hunters with guns or holy water and the vimpires were just regular peple with illness and all the human feelings. The animation was well done and the music was hauntingly beautiful. If the main objective of this anime was to make the viewers sad, it had succeeded. Conclusion: Lament of the Lamb was another interesting drama anime but it would not please younger viewers and those who wanted something fun.
Rating: B