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Kuragehime: anime review – There’s geek for anything, even jellyfish

The story of a poor girl and prince charming has been used and retold countless of times since the dawn of humanity and it always captured people’s hearts. Kuragehime (or Jellyfish Princess) also tells the same old story of a common girl and her prince. Only this time, she is also a jellyfish geek and a NEET while the prince is a virgin with a childhood psychic trauma, but that’s nothing new, is it? Continue reading

Recalling 2010: Canne’s most memorable anime moments

This is a partially obligatory post for me. New Year is approaching and everyone is celebrating (inside and outside their blogs). So here I am, writing the 2010 summary post and celebrating in my own way. Continue reading

Does watching anime make you want to know more about Japan?

I will probably end up embarrassing myself in this post. But there is no place so open and free like in my own anime blog. So I’ll just lay my question on the table for you; does watching anime make you want to know more about Japan? Am I the only one who knows so much about anime but have no clue about the country they come from? Continue reading