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Hellsing: anime review

Title: Hellsing
Genre: action, horror, supernatural
Released date: October 10, 2001 – January 16, 2002
Episodes: 13
Director: Umanosuke Iida
Animated by: Gonzo studio
Comment: Hellsing started brilliantly with haunting dark atmosphere, cool fight scenes, well introduced characters and engaging storyline. Seras Victoria was severely wounded by a vampire and was on a verge of death. She would have died if Alucard hadn’t save her by turning her into vampire. After that, Seras served under Alucard in several mission which were mostly eliminating evil vampires and demons.

The characters were nicely established; Seras must deal with the fact that she was no longer human, she was scared and confused; Integra and Alucards’ past and relationahip were well introduced by using flash backs. The story in most episodes were fun and intrigung. I was so confident that this series was going to be great until it ended so abruptly at the thirteenth episode as if the producers had just decided that they had better things to do and threw in some big action sequences and ending credits. The villains, Alexander and Incognito, suddenly seemed purposeless. The mystery about the chips that turned human into vampire was left in darkness and Seras Victoria character developed no further. The animation was great and the soundtracks which used rock music extensively was really cool. Conclusion: Hellsing was a very good anime that lacked its ssecond half. It was painful to watch bad anime but I’ve just realized that it was equally painful to watch an incomplete good anime.
Rating: C+