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Anime parents syndrome (APS); a brief medical exploration

In response to the recent attention towards ‘Anime parents syndrome‘ after the mysterious death of Tsukumi’s mother in Kuragehime, I decided to provide what medical knowledge I gathered concerning this illness that, for years, been killing off our beloved anime protagonists’ parents. Please note that this is a very serious article. If you have any additional information regarding this matter, do not hesitate to share. Continue reading

Common Health Problems in Anime Part 3: from fake drowning to finger sucking!

sexy but wrong

It’s been more than two weeks since the first and second parts of ‘Common Health Problems n Anime’ were published. I was emotionally distracted by the rainy weather and I felt tired all the time. Anyway, in this third part, I am discussing some of the most common accidents and injuries from anime. Let’s begin! Continue reading

Common Health Problems in Anime (Part 2): some mental disorder and boobs!

After the first part in which I discussed about several household illnesses, the second part will raise more health problems expanding from mental to structural disorders. Enjoy reading and make sure you read the first part as well! Continue reading

Common Health Problems in Anime: how they differ from reality! (part 1)

Dealing with sick people occupies most of my day and since I am such a big anime fan, it’s impossible not to let the two topics get mixed up in my mind every now and then. After years of watching anime, I have come across many illnesses in anime that really amused me in so many ways. In this post, I am summarizing common health problems usually encountered in anime and I’ll try to give some fun discussion along the way. Enjoy! Continue reading