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Canaan: anime review – dazzling fireworks and crazy women

Review: I don’t usually start my anime review with discussion about technical details but Canaan truly deserves thunderous applause for its consistently excellent animation. The character, the movements and the backgrounds are amazing to behold especially the festival scene in the first episode that nearly took my breath away. Alas, like pretty fireworks, the wondrous images cannot last very long. After I came back to my senses, several flaws started to surface and the anime overall is far from perfect. Continue reading

Recalling 2009: My most memorable anime moments

As 2009 is coming to an end, it is expected that a blog should post something for the special occasion (I didn’t do anything in 2007 and 2008. I can’t believe it.). Most of the anime blog will surely post about best/worst anime of the year, best OP/ED, best character or something of that sort. Well, I can’t do that since I’m the only author of this blog and there is no way I could have watched all the shows released this year. The best/worst list would not do justice for the anime I didn’t watch. This post is my solution.