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How can I determine the gender of anime bloggers?

How often did you mistake male bloggers for a female bloggers and vice versa? Without looking at their MAL profiles, how can you tell if the bloggers are female or male just by looking at their blogs? Here’s the solution! Continue reading

Stumbling across new anime blog: it is a matter of destiny!

Foxy Lady came up with this idea of animanga blog carnival post series. I think it’s interesting and easy to respond to. From what I understand, I have to write something about how I approach to a new anime blog and what I expect from it. I’ll make this post short and precise since no one likes wall of text including myself. Continue reading

Canne’s Distant Worlds project: an opening statement

A serial essay about my romantic dreams. Continue reading

100,000 hits and a few questions

Milestone post is one of many convenient ways to post something while not actually posting anything. No wonder people do this all the time. Nevertheless, I’ll try my best to make this post as productive as possible. Continue reading

Which Anime Blogger has the most awesome avatar?


First of all, I would like to let you know that this post is Canne’s 100th post! I do not put up a separate cerebration post for this occasion because it would end up as filler and when I put my blog’s age (2.5 years) into consideration, it may reflect that I didn’t post as often as I should have. Continue reading