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Baccano!: anime review – Immortality is good especially for gangsters.

Review: If there were Best Screenplay and Best Editing Awards for anime, Baccano! would be a locked winner. The shear strength of script, direction and unique style of storytelling is conspicuously visible throughout the show. Without these qualities, Baccano! would be just another indistinctly good anime. Continue reading

What are the best anime you have NEVER seen?

Please for give me for failing to watch these great shows!

Have you ever surfed the aniblogsphere and stumbled upon the post about some big or classic anime that everyone is talking, praising about but you have never watched? Worse, what if that weren’t the first time you run into this kind of situation for the very same anime? That happens to me quite often. I was reminded of certain great anime for countless times by other fans but for some reason I still failed to catch them. Then I started to feel the overwhelming guilt welling up inside. It’s like calling yourself a sci-fi movie fan when you haven’t watched Starwars. It’s an unforgivable crime doing something like that. Well, this post may not be that extreme but I’ll tell you about the best anime that I have not yet seen and will later ask you about yours. Continue reading