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Kuragehime: anime review – There’s geek for anything, even jellyfish

The story of a poor girl and prince charming has been used and retold countless of times since the dawn of humanity and it always captured people’s hearts. Kuragehime (or Jellyfish Princess) also tells the same old story of a common girl and her prince. Only this time, she is also a jellyfish geek and a NEET while the prince is a virgin with a childhood psychic trauma, but that’s nothing new, is it? Continue reading

Anime parents syndrome (APS); a brief medical exploration

In response to the recent attention towards ‘Anime parents syndrome‘ after the mysterious death of Tsukumi’s mother in Kuragehime, I decided to provide what medical knowledge I gathered concerning this illness that, for years, been killing off our beloved anime protagonists’ parents. Please note that this is a very serious article. If you have any additional information regarding this matter, do not hesitate to share. Continue reading