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Common Health Problems in Anime: how they differ from reality! (part 1)

Dealing with sick people occupies most of my day and since I am such a big anime fan, it’s impossible not to let the two topics get mixed up in my mind every now and then. After years of watching anime, I have come across many illnesses in anime that really amused me in so many ways. In this post, I am summarizing common health problems usually encountered in anime and I’ll try to give some fun discussion along the way. Enjoy! Continue reading

Anime nosebleed scientifically explained!

Yes, this is a serious post. A couple of days ago I, and surely many of you, came across the posts by Glo and kluxorious which talked about nosebleed in anime and a lot of people raised questions regarding the rationale behind this condition. Yesterday coincidentally, I was in the Emergency department and met three ladies who entered the room with their hands covering their noses and their clothes stained with fresh blood. It seems like I just have to post something about this and though this post might end up pretty lame, here I go. Continue reading