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19 Reasons You Should Support (vote) for Canne’s Anime Blog !

Addendum July 2, 2012: Canne’s anime review blog had such incredible run in the Aniblog Tourney, advancing to the round of last 8 blogs (Quarter Finals). A thousand thank you to you who has been following and voting for me. Despite our defeat in the Quarter Finals, what we have achieve was nothing short of successful. Thank you again!

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GoGo Yubari chats with Canne and plays ‘Aniblog Tourney word-association game’!

Addendum (June 16, 2012): Thanks to all of you, Canne’s anime review blog advanced to the 4th round (round of 32) of the Second Aniblog Tourney. That means I am currently standing at the same spot I did back in the 2010 tourney just before getting eliminated. Thank you again and see you in the next round! Continue reading

The Aniblog Tourney begins for real: a few words from both persona of Canne

Addendum (May 14, 2012): Canne has advanced to the third round of the 2nd Aniblog Tourney in which only 64 blogs remains to compete. My big thank you goes to all of you my readers, fellow bloggers and friends both old and new. Your support is deeply appreciated. And lastly, I tip my hat to my good friend, Jordan of The Otaku HQ. Don’t forget to visit his blog.

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Five things I learned from re-watching Princess Mononoke: a 10-year late anime review

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Canne’s Criteria for Identification of True ‘Anime Fan’ (plus common scenarios!)

This post is a direct continuation of ‘When did your anime fandom truly begin?’ in which I talked about the time when anime fandom truly began. After I wrote that post, it occurred to me that I was also discussing about the nature of ‘anime fan’ as well. What I wrote could be used to identify a person who was an anime fan. Continue reading

When did your anime fandom truly begin?

To celebrate 10 years of being an anime fan (can you believe that?), I am writing a multiple post series focusing on anime fandom. I reckon despite more than four years of anime blogging, I seldom wrote about anime fandom at all (with few exceptions). So for this first part, I’ll discuss about that specific time when a person start being a true anime fan. Continue reading

The 2nd Aniblog Tourney first impression: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Yellow Bracket...what a coincidence!

It’s that time of year again. And before I go any further, big salute goes to the tourney staff s who labored for months and finally made the tourney happened again, this time bigger and probably better. As you might have guessed, the final bracket has just arrived and I, as always, have more than a few things to say about it. Continue reading

Canne’s Distant Worlds project: an opening statement

A serial essay about my romantic dreams. Continue reading

Here comes 2012!

Hello everyone! I just want to wish all of my readers and friends a Happy New Year and take this chance to share with you a few things including my new year resolution (yes, my life has finally become so chaotic that I need to make list of things to do). Continue reading