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Life can always start anew: 2012 wrap-up and 5th year anniversary!


Life can always start anew. The same goes for anime blogging…right? Continue reading

How can I determine the gender of anime bloggers?

How often did you mistake male bloggers for a female bloggers and vice versa? Without looking at their MAL profiles, how can you tell if the bloggers are female or male just by looking at their blogs? Here’s the solution! Continue reading

How Watching Hyouka May Help Improve Your Life

Hyouka is truly an amazing show, not perfect but amazing. It utilized familiar setting but filled in that setting with interesting characters and unconventional high school-based mystery. This post is not a direct anime review but rather my reflection on Hyouka. Read on to learn how you can make your life better (like I did) using lessons from this anime. Continue reading

Canne joins the Anime Blogger Interrogation Game


It felt good to be tagged by the lovely Starburst-chan. Despite my acting relatively low profile in the past month, it’s great to be regarded as part of the community. The Anime Blogger Interrogation Game was started at Nabe!! and I suspected that it would go viral around the blogsphere soon. Everyone loves jumping on the bandwagon :) Continue reading

Stumbling across new anime blog: it is a matter of destiny!

Foxy Lady came up with this idea of animanga blog carnival post series. I think it’s interesting and easy to respond to. From what I understand, I have to write something about how I approach to a new anime blog and what I expect from it. I’ll make this post short and precise since no one likes wall of text including myself. Continue reading

Concerning violence in real life and on screen: a brief discussion

Why are you pointing fingers at my beloved movies and anime? Stop it! Continue reading

Animal Stereotypes and sexual discrimination in Polar Bear’s Café

Someone needs to fight for the injustice done towards these poor animals! Continue reading

The Seven Tyrannies that Crush Anime Fandom

Anime is our escape, where any dreams are possible. Anime is our freedom, the door that leads to a place beyond our mortal senses. Anime is the wings that fly us to the world so large and yet so private. Of course, we can live our lives without it. But life with anime is much more interesting. Am I exaggerating? Maybe I am. But I tell you now, I am not lying. But why does it have to end? Continue reading

19 Reasons You Should Support (vote) for Canne’s Anime Blog !

Addendum July 2, 2012: Canne’s anime review blog had such incredible run in the Aniblog Tourney, advancing to the round of last 8 blogs (Quarter Finals). A thousand thank you to you who has been following and voting for me. Despite our defeat in the Quarter Finals, what we have achieve was nothing short of successful. Thank you again!

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