How Watching Hyouka May Help Improve Your Life

Hyouka is truly an amazing show, not perfect but amazing. It utilized familiar setting but filled in that setting with interesting characters and unconventional high school-based mystery. This post is not a direct anime review but rather my reflection on Hyouka. Read on to learn how you can make your life better (like I did) using lessons from this anime.

Don’t do anything you don’t have to. What you have to do, you do quickly.

I am proud to say that this is not the case where Hyouka inspires me to live the energy-conserving life. Watching Hyouka made me realized that I had always been living that way without knowing it! Oreki Hotaro was my hero, or rather, he was me except that I wasn’t as good-looking as he was. Energy-conserving lifestyle worked extremely well when I had too many tasks at hand. If I tried to do everything, I would be totally exhausted and would probably collapse. So every time I got new assignment, I asked myself ‘Do I have to do this?’. If I didn’t really have to do it, I pushed the task down my priority list and invested my limited energy on what I really had to do instead. After I decided that I had to do something, the next question would be ‘Do I have to do this NOW?’. When the answer to those two questions were ‘yes’, I started doing it as quickly and effectively as possible.

That’s what I usually did and as a result, I often managed to get myself some free time. But of course, living like that did not come without some backlash. Often, other people had different opinion on what I had to do. And I ended up doing things that no one appreciated and skipped on things that others thought were important. But then again, if I were afraid of how others thought of me, I would end up having all my energy drained. So I guess that in the end, I am like Oreki but without Chitanda to drag me around.

Sometimes it only takes change in perspective to solve a problem.

I took this one from Chitanda. Her super energetic personality could be tiring for me but I absolutely admired her insight and ability to perceive other people’s emotions. Let me give you some example. When the Classic Club members were trying to figure out how the Furuoka Village Murder Mystery film should end, Chitanda was the one who ‘felt’ that Oreki’s ending was not compatible with the original writer’s intention. Chitanda could somehow sense others’ feelings and intentions which sometimes played vital role in solving mysteries.

In real life, changing perspective may help me understand the problem better especially the problems that involve human relations. To be more specific, changing perspective helps me understand the people involved in the problem. There were times that I tried to see things from others’ point of views and based on their contexts. When I did that, the problem I was facing was simply my own fabrication or misinterpretation.

Stop being obsessed about winning everything.

Can a person with type A personality change to type B personality as he gets older? I have no idea but it can’t be that easy. Fukube appeared easy-going but the viewers later learned that he used to be covertly competitive towards Oreki. So far, Fukube still could not best Oreki and secretly harbored jealousy. I could not be sure that he was sincere when he said that he felt much better after he gave up trying to be the best in everything he did. Well, he did keep repeating that ‘a database cannot draw any conclusion’ and always made way for Oreki. Despite my doubt for Fukube’s true position, I agree with him in that once we can stop being obsessed with being the best, we become happier…we are free.

Masterpiece is born masterpiece.

It had a lot to do with the Kanya Festival mystery and what happened in the Manga Club which I would rather not go in to details. The point was that there were several times when extremely talented people dismissed their achievements as just matters of luck. Some showed no interest or gave no special regards to their talents. These kinds of action cut like knives to the ones who tried so hard to do the same but could not. Just like what Ibara said, ‘a masterpiece is born a masterpiece’. I believed her. Some people were just born with certain gifts to achieve great things.

Nevertheless, most of the great accomplishments were not purely the result of innate gifts. What I am saying is that even if you have no gift, you can still make it, albeit with more effort. Being jealous of other people only leads to dead end.

So that’s it for now. Hyouka clearly contained other interesting things than those I mentioned above. How about you? Did you pick up something else worth talking about from Hyouka? Do not hesitate to share them here. I will post my full review of Hyouka after the show ends.

Did you notice? The four topics I wrote were related to the four members of the Classic Club; Oreki, Chitanda, Fukube and Ibara.

Warning: Feel free to adopt some of these tips for your daily life. But please do not hold me responsible if you later find your career or social life in ruin.

24 responses to “How Watching Hyouka May Help Improve Your Life

  1. I kind of regret having not watched this show as it was airing, but it started slow and never really piqued my interest. It wasn’t until it was about half way through that I really began taking interest but by then it was to late. It appears to have turned out pretty well so at least it’ll make a good marathon series on a rainy weekend.

    • Hyouka is very marathon-inducing, especially the Kanya Festival arch.
      For me, I also started watching the series after it had aired for half a dozen episodes or so. Expect glowing review from me when show ends :)

  2. Interesting! You summarized the arcs into ‘mottos’ wonderfully.

    Also, a big thanks for mentioning my post :D I’m very proud of it, but since it isn’t on WordPress, I noticed it was often overlooked and that kinda made me sad.

  3. I really like Houtarou’s motto. I’m definitely doing the “Don’t do anything you don’t have to” part but not the “What you have to do, you do quickly” part of his motto.. ~gotta work on that. haha
    Also, I really like the part, masterpiece is born masterpiece. The moment I read, “The point was that there were several times when extremely talented people dismissed their achievements as just matters of luck. Some showed no interest or gave no special regards to their talents..”, it reminded me of Oreki talking to Irisu-senpai. For some reasons, it was one of the episodes that really got into me.

    ~anyway, that was a great post. I enjoyed reading it :D I want to adopt it to my life and if something wrong happens… I’ll blame you~ lol. just kidding.

    • I am glad that you enjoyed reading the post.
      The four mottos are surprisingly common in everyone’s daily life but, oddly, there is hardly any anime seriously talking about them. That’s why Houka was such a special show in my opinion :)

  4. It was kinda interesting how your post relates to the four characters separately each, each with different motto. I also kinda relativity Oreki, if I don’t think I should do it, I don’t and if I think I should do it, I do it very quickly so that I can relax quick. I prioritize the feeling of relaxation and dislike leaving things unfinished which might bother me when I’m relaxing, so if I’m doing it, I prioritize finishing them as fast as possible, whether or not it’s wrecking my brain cells, or abusing my brute strength.

    • Thank you for sharing!
      From what you said, it seems like you prioritized “doing it quickly” more which resulted in your spending so much energy on finishing it. I am a bit worried that you may end up not saving as much energy as you wanted to. For me, I sometimes ‘turn off’ my feeling of having unfinished business so that I can relax and save more energy (yes, I am that lazy) XD

      • Hmmm I dunno ;p If I leave things unfinished, I can’t really relax in peace knowing that I still got things left out, that’s why I try to finish all of them as quick as possible.

  5. As for Oreki style of life it may worked good on him but some people would have a problem. In solving cases Oreki depends on Fukube’s informations and Chitanda’s perspective looking on cases. It would’t take him anywhere without them, he wouldn’t spend time gethering information. Also Oreki is very talented in some thing and he’s smart and without that he would be only a lazy guy. So is this lifestyle is just ‘being lazy’ or ‘being smart for saveing energy’? I think it depends on person’s thinking. As for Fukabe’s lesson I didn’t really get him, so was Oreki. Especially when this obsessing case got into Mayaka. Other lessons? When you’re in love you need to spare more energy. xD

    • I had some problem understanding Fukube in the ‘chocolate’ episode as well (so did Oreki, apparently). Why going through so much trouble? I felt like Fukube was avoiding his own problems. There really should be another season for this show, seriously.

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  7. Reblogged this on Let's Talk ANIME! and commented:
    Who said anime isn’t beneficial?
    Hyouka is a classic example of how you can use anime to actually change your life!

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  12. T_T oh wow…I just finished the series and it was just amazing….wow….I couldn’t think of a time where i DIDN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT HYOUKA.
    I don’t know, the story just hit me you know. With a simple yet unique plot, amazing characters and just that warm comforting feeling you get after seeing such brilliant dialogue, scenery and effects.

    I was really happy to read someone reblog your blog on Hyouka, Thank you so much for introducing me to this wonderful anime.
    I head that the light novels are still continuing, do you still think that there is a possibility that Hyouka will have a second season??
    >___< I really hope soooo!! Such an amazing story! Kyoto Animation did an awesome job. I'm glad to see a studio that actually catches in specific details and artwork on their animation. I mean, I've seen so many animes where it's just so rushed and the drawing just seem out of place!

    • I am happy to hear that you like my post and that you love Hyouka. It was the best anime of 2012 without any doubt for me. It’s not often for any anime series to be able to keep my thoughts running all the time.

      • Agreed, even before finishing the season, the characters and storyline seem to be stuck in my mind. I’m hoping for a second season since the light novel series is ongoing. I heard an OVA was recently released late January, and I’m still trying to get my hand on it.

        :) Thank you for such an amazing post !!

  13. This was a great entry! I have to say I’m glad I found your blog. Even more so because you’ve put Hyouka on my radar for watching. :)

    – Britney

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