19 Reasons You Should Support (vote) for Canne’s Anime Blog !

Addendum July 2, 2012: Canne’s anime review blog had such incredible run in the Aniblog Tourney, advancing to the round of last 8 blogs (Quarter Finals). A thousand thank you to you who has been following and voting for me. Despite our defeat in the Quarter Finals, what we have achieve was nothing short of successful. Thank you again!

Addendum (June 29, 2012): ‘Canne’s anime review blog’ advances to the Quarter Finals of the Aniblog Tourney! I cannot thank you enough for your support. My next opponent is the mighty ‘Lost in America’. The poll is now closed!

The round of 16 of The Aniblog Tourney arrives and I find myself standing among such amazing company of anime blogs (16 blogs, to be exact). Assuming that most of you are already more or less familiar with my blog, I will make this promotional post short and, if possible, fun.

Getting to the point, here is the list of reasons you should vote for me in this round. Hope you have fun and will be persuaded to vote for me :)

1. Canne’s blog is easing to the eyes and easy to navigate.
2. Canne’s blog has beautiful design (for a WordPress blog, anyway).
3. Canne’s blog is simple-looking and does not distract you with cakes or candies.
4. Since this is yellow bracket, you should vote for yellow-colored blog.
5. Canne does not give his blog some strange name that no one understands.
6. Canne’s blog has good writing (talk about self confidence!).
7. Canne’s posts often contain interesting ideas.
8. Canne’s blog always talks about something different from other blogs which usually talk about the same shows
9. Canne’s blog is reliable and regularly updated.
10. Canne is polite and rarely curses or swears.
11. Canne can be quite sarcastic sometimes.
12. Canne always listens to your comments and replies to all of them with care.
13. Solo blogging is hard. Thus, solo bloggers need your support more than anyone.
14. No offense to team blogs but there are too few solo bloggers left in this tourney.
15. Canne is the only one who has any remote chance of beating Psgels.
16. Canne needs to get through to Yumeka and then give Glo his long-overdued revenge (he lost to Yumeka in the previous tourney).
17. Daifuku has won three times already in this tourney, while Canne has won only twice. So you should naturally vote for me just to be fair.
18. Canne has a way to find out exactly who vote against him and will hunt them down.
19. GoGo Yubari is the de facto mascot of Canne’s blog.

**Additional reason: Alvis‘s goat plushie is this blog’s official blog logo.

If you are still skeptical, which I find very unlikely, simply browse through my review archive and editorial list or just look at my ‘Flagship content‘ page.

Thank you for visiting. The poll for the Quarter Finals is now closed!

13 responses to “19 Reasons You Should Support (vote) for Canne’s Anime Blog !

  1. Those are some good reasons.
    ALSO: You have Alvis’s goat plushie for your Anime Nano picture. That can be your 20th reason.

    • Thank you for you support!

      Alvis’s goat stuffed toy is also my ‘official blog logo’
      I will add that into my post soon, thanks. ^^

  2. *mimics the panda*
    RAWR! *votes for [someone]*

    • Thank you very much! (assuming that you voted for whom I thought you did…). I saw the campaign post from the other side with many yummy-looking surfing. Panda and cafe…this combination is too cute! LOL

  3. 19 very good reasons:) Keep fighting the good fight, Canne!

  4. I’m voting for you because the other blog’s fans are annoying fuckwits.

  5. Best of luck to you in the elite 8! Both LiA and Canne’s are one of my favorite blogs!

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