GoGo Yubari chats with Canne and plays ‘Aniblog Tourney word-association game’!

Addendum (June 16, 2012): Thanks to all of you, Canne’s anime review blog advanced to the 4th round (round of 32) of the Second Aniblog Tourney. That means I am currently standing at the same spot I did back in the 2010 tourney just before getting eliminated. Thank you again and see you in the next round!

The last time you heard from the magnificent GoGo Yubari was during my second round promotional post. She dropped us a call to rally votes for me and it worked wonders! With more than 180 votes, Canne’s blog sailed to the third round of The Aniblog Tourney. Since you all must have noticed, this round is a group battle. I must face three strong and unique opponents all at once in a four-way voting! With that in mind, I traced GoGo’s phone call and managed to reach her.

I was instructed that her precise whereabouts must be kept secret. I gave her my word and GoGo agreed to give me a short interview. We talked about many things but I’ll show you only the segment concerning to the Aniblogsphere and Aniblog Tourney. Let’s hear what she had to say! (Also, please note that I have nothing to do with what GoGo said. If you are offended, I am deeply sorry but she is not…)

Canne: It is an honor to meet you again after your very convincing fake death in the House of Blue Leaves! I thought The Bride killed you!

GoGo: Ha! People were such idiots to believe that having my head driven through by a nail-studded table leg would kill me. Have you ever seen anyone killed by that thing in real life?
Canne: Uh…I never see anyone gets killed like that… not literally, at least. *voice starts to tremble*
GoGo: Then you are a fool to think that this lowly weapon would kill me!
Canne: Ah…I was a fool…I…I still am. Please forgive me if I angered you! *voice trembling almost uncontrollably*
GoGo: I wasn’t angry. Did I sound angry?
Canne: (You clearly did) No…not at all! *tries desperately to smile*
GoGo: I didn’t think so. By the way, you said you want my help on you next battle. I have been keeping an eye on that tourney of yours for a while now. It has been quite a mess lately, hasn’t it? Good thing it recovered itself just before everyone gave up on it.
Canne: So, you want to see it through to the end?
GoGo: If possible, yes. At least I want to see the top 16 blogs compete. I saw so many went down without a fight in the first two rounds and it pained me. Where’s the fun without some bloodshed and struggle?
Canne: There were lots of bloodshed and struggling in the comment section though.
GoGo: Those people who lurked and fought in the shadows with hidden blades and poisonous darts deserved slow painful deaths! Let’s hope none of them cross path with me! *grins devilishly*
Canne: *gulp* so, what is your overall impression on the blogs in this tourney? There were more than 190 blogs participating this year.
GoGo: There was that many? Aside from those I already know, I can recall only handful of new blogs from the tourney right now. Most of them were memorable because of their distinctive features.
Canne: Really? What were those distinctive features you are referring to?
GoGo: You must have already known this. You know, the fansub reviews, manga reviews, eroge reviews and some blogs I have no idea what they are about but their colors were so bright that I see floating flashes for weeks afterwards!
Canne: I know exactly what you mean. Now to the next question, how do you decide which blog to vote for? I am sure that there’s big difference between bloggers and regular readers when it comes to choosing blogs to vote for.
GoGo: I vote for the ones who I have clear picture of. As a warrior, I like the battle in which I can see my opponent and look them in the eye when I snatch the life out of them. With that said, I usually vote for solo bloggers who have clearly defined personality, voices and passion.
Canne: Very interesting considering how hard it is for a solo blogger to advance deep into the tourney when there are so many popular team blogs around. So, can you tell me who you are personally rooting for?
GoGo: Are you fond of riddles, Canne? I am rooting for the Yuri lover, the legendary man’s wife, the extinct one and the faithful. And of course, I root for you.
Canne: Last but not least, I want to play a word-association game with you if you don’t mind. I will say one word (or phrase) and then you say the first word (or phrase) that comes up in your mind. Do you want to play?
GoGo: Why not? Sounds fun to me!
Canne: Great! Let’s do some warm-up first. ‘Japan’!
GoGo: ‘anime, tea and earthquake’
Canne: ‘global warming’
GoGo: ‘lies’
Canne: ‘government’
GoGo: ‘pit of snakes’
Canne: Cool! You learn fast! So now we are playing for real. Let’s go!

(Game starts)

Canne: ‘Anime’
GoGo: ‘fun’
Canne: ‘moe’
GoGo: ‘pain’
Canne: ‘Yuri’
GoGo: ‘nature’
Canne: ‘tsundere’
GoGo: ‘punishable by death’
Canne: ‘fansubs’
GoGo: ‘god’
Canne: ‘mecha’
GoGo: ‘fat’
Canne: ‘Star-crossed’
GoGo: ‘blogging machine’
Canne: ‘Metanorn’
GoGo: ‘barcode’
Canne: Analog Housou
GoGo: ‘brick wall’
Canne: ‘Ogiue Maniax’
GoGo: ‘another brick wall’
Canne: ‘Omonomono’
GoGo: ‘yet another brick wall’
Canne: ‘Kritik der Animationskraft’
GoGo: ‘time machine’
Canne: ‘Sea Slug’
GoGo: ‘no legs’
Canne: ‘Cart Driver’
GoGo: ‘godfather’
Canne: ‘Tenka Seiha’
GoGo: ‘…some kind of cooking guide?’
Canne: ‘Ani-Nouto’
GoGo: ‘…Naruto?’
Canne: ‘Draggle’
GoGo: ‘…panda?’
Canne: ‘Anime Yume’
GoGo: ‘…yellow…rabbit?’
Canne: ‘Caraniel’
GoGo: ‘Cara…Jellyfish?’
Canne: ‘Shinde Iie’
GoGo: ‘…Shinmaru?’
Canne: ‘Baka Laureate’
GoGo: ‘…polar bear?’ Oh no, koala bear?

*turns off speaker*

This conversation continued for a while after this point but this is as far as I dare reveal to you. Apparently, GoGo was still far from familiar with the Aniblogsphere. She was on the verge of mental breakdown and was in a confusion state midway through the game. But honestly, how can anyone not go crazy? These words were anime and aniblogsphere-related and they made no sense at all! What’s with all these weird names and terms? This is too much craziness for a young, innocent girl!

Anyway, the main purpose of this post is to ask for your support in the third round of the Aniblog Tourney. Don’t forget to check out my Flagship Contents page where you’ll find some of my most important posts. And of course, if you like what I do with this blog, cast your vote for me (poll closed)

4 responses to “GoGo Yubari chats with Canne and plays ‘Aniblog Tourney word-association game’!

  1. Go go! Gogo and Canne! I’ll be rooting for you. ^ ^

  2. Fucking awesome. Obviously.

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