The 2nd Aniblog Tourney first impression: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Yellow Bracket...what a coincidence!

It’s that time of year again. And before I go any further, big salute goes to the tourney staff s who labored for months and finally made the tourney happened again, this time bigger and probably better. As you might have guessed, the final bracket has just arrived and I, as always, have more than a few things to say about it.

The Good

First of all, the bracket looks pretty and well organized. I like how the contenders are divided into groups of different color. I also like the new style of matching. Even though I was skeptical about four blogs being voted in single poll, the final results looks like a good idea. Two out of four blogs based on preferential votes would go on to the next round. Being able to vote 2 blogs gives the voters a nice choice and the underdogs a nice chance. Top tier blogs are also well spread out over the bracket.

This event will surely get me, along with other readers and bloggers, to know new blogs. It will also make anime blogging so much more fun. I feel really excited and revitalized.

The Bad

The top 16 seeded blogs are supposedly placed in the third round and the rest placed in the second. But I am dying to know the precise seed ranking for this tourney. Unfortunately, the bracket does not show the ranking for each blog.

Maybe it’s just me but it seems like the Red Bracket is the weakest of the four brackets? Of course, it is nearly impossible to prevent discrepancy of strength among hundreds of contenders. And I am not saying the seeded players in the Red Bracket are bad or inferior (glances fearfully at Baka-raptor). I only think that the lower seeded blogs in this bracket have the best chance of breaking through the four-way round or beyond. There’s no psgels, Kurogane or Seaslugteam in this bracket.

The Ugly

This has nothing to do with the tourney staff. I am just saddened to see, despite the number of blogs participated, that many familiar faces from the first Tourney had disappeared (about 30 from 96). Some were close to me. I feel a little lonely for a moment. But things have to change and lives (blogs) go on.

List of blogs from the first tourney

Lastly, things to keep an eye on in this tourney

1. The Blue and Yellow brackets are virtually locked.

2. The bottom half of the Green bracket remains to be seen (but all hope is lost against psgels).

3. Watch the Red bracket closely. I believe there will be many surprise wins and upsets in this bracket

4. A lot more drama and clashes among bloggers and readers.

5. Don’t forget to keep an eye on me in the Yellow bracket, too! Remember, my avatar is also yellow (GoGo Yubari FTW!).

Also read others’ thoughts on the tourney (more may be added later):


tRzR23 & TWWK

Glothelegend (Yellow Bracket is like a f***ing all star bracket Jesus Christ!)



30 responses to “The 2nd Aniblog Tourney first impression: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Wow! Commentary on the tournament.. I really should write more, but I’m tired.

  2. “1. The Blue and Yellow brackets are virtually locked.”

    I’m in the blue bracket >.> I hate my life. Still, the competitive side of me is burning with anticipation. I can’t wait to fight with all of my abilities!

    • Nothing is absolute when it comes to dealing with large group of people. So hope remains, however unlikely it may initially seem. Let’s not give up!

  3. Ah yes, this fiasco. Well, I’ve been around long enough that my opinion isn’t valid, so I’ll likely not pay attention to this once again. But I wish you luck.

    • Thank you, I need all the luck I can gather. ^^
      The tourney quickly left the whole blogsphere in brief commotion. I myself take it as a temporary boost of blogging energy. Yeah, even blogging needs a booster every few years. :)

  4. I will meet you all in the finals. I will steamroll anyone who dares cross me path. I am the ultimate underdog. There is no blog that I cannot def– hahaha, I can’t do this, I’m out in 1 (2, if I’m lucky) round.

  5. No way the coloration is a coincidence. My blog’s theme is blue and I ended up in the Blue bracket. Gonna be tough for me to even take 2nd from certain competitors, but will be interesting to see how that goes. Good luck to us both!

  6. Should be fun! Good luck! :)

  7. Oh, the red bracket will be full of surprises. I guarantee it…

  8. If your avatar is any indication, you will be eliminated from this tournament by having your head impaled by the leg of a table or chair. It’s too bad.

    But you are right, I am a lock to win yellow.

    • Every one dies eventually. In GoGo’s case, she has slaughtered countless men by cutting their guts open before meeting the Bride.

      So far I haven’t seen The Bride yet!

  9. Yeah, the number of blogs that died since then is kind of disturbing… It’s mostly because of either the lack of time, motivation or blogger burnout. This is probably a main reason I limit myself on covering series and focus more on quality over quantity when it comes to posts.

    But aside from that, I wish everyone luck who is in the tournament. I’ll be critiquing blogs so people can improve…

    Also, I wonder what Baka-raptor will consider the “worst blog ever” this time around…

    • I heard lots of negative impression towards this tournament and I believe your constructive criticism based on this race will help change that, at least partially :)

  10. Good luck! At least you got a first round bye so that’s a good start.

  11. I’m starting to read commentaries like this to know more what exactly is the Aniblog Tourney and I’m finding it interesting. Btw, good luck to you.

  12. From what I’ve heard there have been some cases in the past in which blogs were getting hate messages.

  13. What do you mean by “locked”?

    • I thought these two bracket had many strong seeded contender that there was little chance of any upset wins. But that was before the tourney started. Now there are and will be many surprises to behold in all brackets :)

  14. Well, I won. Which means, if I read the bracket right… I am facing you next.

    Shall I commit suicide by cyanide or hara-kiri?

    • Taking the fact that I am to face you in the next round aside. Your victory over Seanver was a happy surprising for me because you know, Seanver seemed to have many English/non-English followers. But honestly I cheered and voted for you and would have done the same if I were placed somewhere else in the bracket. This kind of events makes the Tourney fun :)

      I can’t say I don’t want to win but in the end, it doesn’t matter that much. It’s an honor to meet you in the second round!

      ps. GoGo Yubari hasn’t had any exciting good fight since 2010, she insisted that you refrain from committing suicide and spoil her fun :3

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