Canne’s favorite live-action movies of 2011; a rather odd choice from an anime fan(?)

Surely most of you also watch movies from time to time. To me, live action movie is like an oni-san to anime; he is more serious, more realistic, more pessimistic but he is less dreamy and less carefree. I am, without a doubt, an anime fan and anime blogger. But I am also a self-proclaimed amateur writer. So when there’s an urge to write, I have to do so.

2011 was not a particularly good year for movies. Even though I have watched so many, I still could not pick up 10 that I really love. So here’s my seven favorite movies of 2011.

1. 50/50
A comedy about a young man who was suddenly and unexpectedly diagnosed with advanced cancer. It reminded me how fragile my life actually was. I was sure that most of the younger people never saw themselves that way. The mortality was always illusive until it hit you in the face. Despite its dark premise, this movie was unnaturally optimistic and uplifting.

2. Attack the Block
This British film caught me by surprise. Don’t let the boring poster fool you. This was the most entertaining film of the year. It was about street gang in a poor neighborhood of London who had to face an invasion from black furry aliens. Attack the Block did what no other recent alien invasion flicks could. It valued witty script and imaginative humor over flashy special effects.

3. Drive
Drive could have won a place in this list just by its catchy soundtracks alone. But Drive was an all-round solid film-making completed with top-notched acting, hipster feeling, numerous contemplative silent scenes and really really cool scorpion jacket. The fact that this movie was not nominated for best picture in the Oscars was beyond me.

4. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2
“Piertotum Locomotor!”
“Hogwarts is threatened. Man the boundaries. Protect us. Do your duty to our schools!”
That armor scene was more than enough to won me over.

5. Insidious
This movie had a way of creeping up behind you and scare you to death. It’s not every day that a film could deliver such effective scary moments. Insidious was initially a typical ghost house movie but it packed quite a punch and twist in the end.

6. We Need to Talk About Kevin
After watching this movie, you would be grateful that your life wasn’t as miserable as Eva’s. The movie was told from the perspective of a mother whose son was responsible for the death of his father, his sister and dozens of his schoolmates. So in the end, we didn’t get to know the real reason behind the murders. But the sadness, the love and questions that lingered in Eva’s heart was almost palpable.

7. War Horse
Say what you will but we all need a miracle every once in a while. War Horse was very old school and ridiculously boyish, in my opinion. That’s why I love the movie so much. And notice that this is the first time I use the word ‘love’ in this article. The movie set in one of the worst times in human history and infused itself with the story of love, hope, patience and courage. How can a farmer boy and his beloved horse, separated by unending war, find a way home? Such miraculous event could never happened in reality. And that’s exactly why movies were created in the first place.

The list came out a bit late because the movies released in December had just reached cinema here in my country. Of course there were a lot more ‘good’ movies that I could easily add to the list but that would not be special. So I chose only the ones that I liked, passionately.

I wonder. If I had written this post somewhere else, would you still have taken me for an anime fan? I notice the stark difference between my favorite anime and favorite live-action movies. For a moment, I felt like my favorite movies somehow help fulfilled the places that most anime didn’t cover; the raw emotion of human and the bittersweet taste of life. I could be wrong though…

What’s your favorite live-action movies of 2011?

11 responses to “Canne’s favorite live-action movies of 2011; a rather odd choice from an anime fan(?)

  1. Yeah I didn’t think this year was great for live-action movies either. There were a few I didn’t get to see (including most of your list) but I really liked Moneyball and Bridesmaids. It was a big drop from last year in which I could easily name 10 I really liked.

  2. I finally decided to go to the ciname for War horse after being hassled on by my sister, Didnt have high hopes but seriously after watching the film, It made me realise how wonderful it actually is, I would really recommend it to anyone.

  3. I lolled after reading your comment and actually seeing that you had written this for movies. :)

    A good story is good whatever medium, Good old movies? Bring ’em on! Let’s watch ’em all!

  4. I don’t know if I would’ve taken you for an anime fan since it’s hard to compare the two and come up with a logical conclusion. Do anime fan usually have more Korean/Japanese live action in their favourites list than actual good movies?

    • I doubt that most anime fans are also asian movie fan. In my case, I rarely watch them probably because they were not available in my country.

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