Canne’s Distant Worlds project: an opening statement

A serial essay about my romantic dreams.

Introduction for the project

Hello everyone! If you have read some of my posts, you must have known that I am a nerdy person to say the least. Since my earliest memories as a kid, I’ve consumed immeasurable amount of media, some of which was much too mature for my age. I watched every movie that my family did and my parents made sure that I always had either movies, books, comics or anime to keep myself occupied. Even when I was too young to read (about 6 years old), my parents read ‘Jurassic Park’ to me before bed time. Though I believe that the death scenes were a bit too violent for kids, I was thankful to them. I vividly remembered how terrified and fascinated I was. Doraemon was also a big part of my childhood, as you already know.

So you see. Since I was very little, I literally spent half of my waking hours thinking and living in the world that did not exist. I made up additional characters and exciting situations based on those imaginary worlds. Sometimes I impersonated as someone else living in them and I went on such adventures. These imaginary worlds always popped up in my mind when I was free and idle. They kept me relaxed and sane. They were largely influenced by the stories I came across in several types of media through the years. As time went by, my imaginary world changed and evolved according to what I encountered.

I have been toying with the idea of writing short posts about this ‘romantic dreams’ of mine for months now. Other bloggers have written about places they wanted to live or visit. Now I am starting a series of short posts about the distant worlds I used to live in, along with the original sources that inspired me. In each post, I’ll discuss about certain common features in that world including the setting, the characters, the romance, deaths and other things. The worlds will be visited in non-chronological order.

Additional note: 2DT recently said that “Anime can be a second reality.  It can be an escape, a reprieve, a haven away“. It is very true and this phrase touched my heart in a way that I decided to finally start this project after so many years of brooding. Thank you, 2DT.

Living in both worlds at once is hard but here, in this blogsphere, I am not doing it alone. Distant Worlds project starts in a few days. Stay tuned.

8 responses to “Canne’s Distant Worlds project: an opening statement

  1. Ah, dreams and daydreams can be quite fascinating. A book I’m writing at the moment has a lot to do with this sort of topic–the reality of a world that may not exist in a traditional sense, the ways our viewpoint affects the world around us, and the concept of becoming different people to understand their viewpoints. I’ll be interested in reading your future posts.

  2. This will be interesting I feel. :)

  3. MUNTO~ Sorry that was the first thing I noticed. That scene totally works for dreams though.

  4. waa
    haru missh this anime shoo much
    +w+arigatou coz remind me this~ ^w^)/

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