Here comes 2012!

Hello everyone! I just want to wish all of my readers and friends a Happy New Year and take this chance to share with you a few things including my new year resolution (yes, my life has finally become so chaotic that I need to make list of things to do).

A year has really gone by in a blink of an eye and yet many things happened. I know that many of us anime bloggers faced several obstacles and challenges this year (like Yi and FaS). And I believe there were others who must have gotten through lots of hardships as well but were less vocal about it (I noticed a number of people has gotten quiet lately). Whichever the case, I wish you all a Happy New Year. Of course it won’t be a smooth and flawless year but I know we will get through it together!

Moving to other (less important) things. I just noticed that my blog hits has stealthily slipped passed 200k mark, an achievement which could be easily eclipsed by Glo’s recent massive 500k hits. Still, an achievement is an achievement, however small it may be.

Now, for my new year resolution, I’ll make it short and precise and practical.

1. On anime blogging, I’ll at least post twice a month. Obviously, that’s lower than I usually did but I’m trying to be realistic. Similar to my past pattern, expect more anime series reviews and occasional editorials.
2. On anime watching, I intend to take chance more often. In 2011, I almost entirely watched older or completed series as you might noticed from the reviews I posted this year. The shows I watched were usually praised and I was sure I was watching something decent at the least. This year I’ll try to pick newer (or more controversial) shows and I may catch the currently on-air show if I am available.
3. On life, I’m planning to study more and do better job at managing my time. I never really had working schedule and it cost me a lot of time figuring out what I have to do and cleaning after the tasks I missed.

Lastly, I hope that ‘the end of the world’ stuff is not true despite the apparent universal agreement among prophets (dead or alive). I am ending this post with my best wishes for you and my deepest appreciation for following this blog. Oh, and I’m leaving this video for you as well. It’s quite popular so you might have already seen it. But if you haven’t, then you should :)

16 responses to “Here comes 2012!


    Happy New Year!

  2. All the best to you in the new year! ^__^

  3. Yeah, I took a class on Maya art and culture (Fun Fact: it’s Maya for the people, Mayan for the language), and it turns out the Maya believed in an extremely cyclical nature of the universe. Death equals birth, end equals beginning, the earth dies every night and is reborn every morning.
    We’ve lost 99% of Maya documents to the conquistadors, so there’s a rather good chance there are calendars that go beyond 2012, and there were many different types of calendars that were used. (The Maya were really excellent astronomers for their time.) A Judeo-Christian interpretation is being used when people say the Maya calendar predicts an apocalypse.
    Anyways! Looking forward to all the anime 2012 will bring. Keep on blogging, Canne!

    • Thank you for the tips!
      I have always been interested in history as well (I even chose Greek and Egyptian mythology as an elective subject in my first year in university).

      Happy New Year!

  4. Congrats on passing the 200K mark and I hope you achieve your 2012 goals!

  5. 200k is a pretty impressive milestone. Congratulations!

    And Happy 2012! I look forward to many more reviews from you over the year:)

  6. That much chaos. I have trouble with ToDo lists, as I tend to mess them up really quick, but I like the bubble map method: hehe.

    Focusing on both older and more recent shows is a great idea, esp things that might be completed but still fresh (I’d love to do that). I find it difficult to follow airing series, so I’ve been aiming for only 2-3 at most each season, yet I still find it easier to pick them out and watch 6 episodes in one go (light-marathon). I feel like watching on a weekly schedule eats into my day-to-day attention, even though it’s easily under an hour of time spent in a day… I don’t know what the psychology is behind it, but… I hope you find some enjoyable and recent things to watch and maybe write about.

    Congrats on 200k and best wishes in 2012!

  7. Happy New Year Canne. That was a pretty realistic resolutions you have there and I’m sure you’ll be able to fulfill it without problems unless you no longer into anime which canceled out #1 and #2.

    Congrats on the 200K as well :)

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