4 years have gone by and many things have changed

…but love always remains

I would have to admit that the fourth year anniversary of Canne’s anime review blog landed on a rather low note. Many things, good and bad, happened this year which resulted in my routine anime blogging and anime blog reading getting pushed down my priority list. The fact that the actual anniversary was November 4th which was yesterday only further emphasizes on that sad fact.

Since this post is partially obligated, I will just write about things I would talk with my RL friends if I actually had any.

About recent and current season anime

I kept falling behind. Right now I am more like anime collector than anime viewer. I download anime and keep them in my extremely well-organized hard drive. When I have free time, I will find myself facing a long list of newly released episodes and I’ll spend what time I have left getting them, managing them and taking quick sneak peak at all the newly acquired anime episodes. Then I get tired, fall asleep and fail to actually watch any new episodes. (sigh) I’ll have to do something quickly to reduce my growing list of must watch anime.

About anime blogs

I read blogs about two or three times a week. I am quite happy and somewhat surprised to learn that most of my long standing anime blogger friends remain active. I would be a liar if I told you that those people did not have a part in keeping me here writing about anime. Thank you for being my inspiration, everyone!

About work and how it consumed me

Work has literally taken over my life right now. The fortuneteller said that 2011 would be a busy year for me in terms of career and the fortuneteller was right. As if the routine job plus obligatory night shifts were not enough, I am currently handling two addition research projects as well. I am a co-investigator in one project and principal investigator in another. It was very challenging but also time consuming. Plus, the first board exam is only six months away. I can see it looming in the far horizon like dark storm clouds. I seriously need to stay calm and sort things out one at the time.

About my disaster-infested life

Early this year, the earth quake frightened me for a few days. But since October, my country faces the worst flood in half a century. Luckily I am not one of the victims because I lived in the northern part of the country. My house was nearly flooded in late September because of heavy rain but thanks to the high terrain of my city, the rain water quickly moved south. And now all the water from the north and northeast has reached the central part of the country trying to go out to the ocean. The only problem is that Bangkok, the capitol city, is located exactly where the water is supposed to go out to the ocean. Today, nearly half of the metropolis is invaded by water (and also by fish, snakes, frogs, centipedes and crocodiles). You wouldn’t believe how many people have died of electrocution in their houses so far. If only flood could be as magical as in Ponyo on a Cliff by the Sea.

About the future

Like everything else, anime blogging has its ups and downs. The real challenge is keeping it alive during the ‘down’ period. The pace of my blog may change according to the rhythm of my life but be assured that blogging is still one of my most important non-academic project that I intend to keep. And I’m still looking forward to the second aniblog tourney next year.

Again, I would like to thank all of my readers and fellow bloggers for your support and inspiration. I don’t know how 2012 will turn out (with all the popular end-of-the-world prophecies floating around). But I have a good feeling about it. May be it’s time to confer with the fortuneteller again.

34 responses to “4 years have gone by and many things have changed

  1. Congratulations! Good job staying upbeat and all the best. 4 years is an incredible milestone.

  2. Here’s to 4 more! ^___^

  3. It’s understandable that work can take a good amount of time away from blogging. The only reason I’m active since I have some free time in college. When I look ahead for the next few years, I have graduate school and then after that, I start working. Once that time comes, blogging will wind down a bit, but I’ll keep trucking on.

    Anyway, congrats on making it to the forth year and I wish for the best for years to come.

    • Thank you!
      Life is full of changes and new challenges. But I am sure that we can keep anime blogging active as long as we are still love watching them.

  4. Keep it up and good luck with your life! :)

  5. congrats on 4 years of blogging. I’ve blogged for less than that and I’m also falling behind a bit too due to research work and other stuff, but i guess we just have to find a little bit of time and keep at it.

    • I actually thought you have been blogging for longer than I did. You are always so active in blogging, unlike me who has suffered several quiet periods throughout the years. ;-_-

  6. Congratulations, Ever since before I started blogging, I’ve have already reading your posts (although I don’t really know how to comment since most of the time I haven’t seen the anime that you’re reviewing).

    Also, good luck on your RL endeavours.

    • Thank you for stay around!
      I realize I tend to review rather less popular and out-of-season anime series. But that’s what keeps my blog apart from other bigger blogs ;)

  7. Congratulations on your fourth year of blogging!

    I’m sorry to hear that about Bangkok. Floods are really bad, and we did have a bad one couple of months ago. Anyways, good luck with your career, too!

  8. I always enjoy reading your blog. You always seem more thoughtful + insightful than some other anime reviewers out there and so I trust your opinions/reviews more. I hope everything goes well in your life and work.
    Congrats on keeping it up so long.

  9. congratulations for making it this far. I know it isn’t an easy feat. Since I live in the southern part of your neighbor country, I extend my condolences for the lost of your fellow country men.

    At one time, work consumed my waking hours as well. You know what I did? I quit LOL not very wise so yeah, I hope your sanity is better than mine :P

    Congrats again!

  10. It all gets easier once you pass your boards.

    Just kidding. It never gets easier. Therefore you have no excuse to stop blogging.

  11. Congrats man. Surviving four years is a great accomplishment. Now survive a few more^^

  12. Four years? Wow – congratulations! I’m glad that you still continue to blog, even if it’s not as often and despite the difficulties in life. I’ve just said a prayer for you and I hope that you’ll meet and beat these challenges!

  13. 4 years is a lot. To think I’ve been here, reading for a year now…

  14. Congratulations on four years, Canne. I think you’re one of the very few bloggers that I’ve followed since my early days. And interestingly, we started around the same time as well. Glad to see we’re both still somewhat active in the blogosphere! You inspire me. ^ ^

    Anyway, 2011 sure is tough year, isn’t it? Things haven’t exactly been smooth for me either… Lots of downs and a few ups, and major life changes and life shifts. Seems like you’re super busy as well! Please remember to take care of yourself. I know you’ll do great on your projects and boards.

    Cheers, Canne!

    • Thank you :)
      I have heard quite a few things about your life as well.
      And I am confident that you will get through all the obstacles you encounter.
      Cheers for 2012!

  15. Congratulations! my blog is only 3 days older x)
    It’s great hearing about another blog that has made it through all these years! It really is a lot of tough work juggling anime, blogging, life, work, and everything else. We all understand how things can happen in life and anime sometimes gets put on the back burner, but as long as you continue blogging (which you will forever!) I’ll continue reading :)

  16. A bit late on my part but a belated congratulations from me none the less ;D I’m a pretty new blogger myself and mine’s only a few months old ;x

    Anyway, it seems like you’re busy as heck this year but I wish you well^^ Good luck with everything^^

  17. I’m quite late, but congrats!

    I’m finding it difficult to keep up with anime as well since there’s always work to be done, but it still makes for a good break. Stay safe, and best wishes in your pursuits!

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