Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners: Short anime review part 7/7 – Murder Speculation (Part 2) and overall impression

Review: It’s been quite a journey watching Kara no Kyokai. With each episode, more information is revealed, the mysterious world of this show gets clearer and the ultimate message starts to emerge. Despite the countless murder cases, the vaguely explained supernatural lore and the headache-inducing discussion about ‘the origin’, Kara no Kyokai is ultimately a love story, albeit a bloody one. Luckily, I like both love and blood.

Murder Speculation (part 2) does not start like a final chapter at all. More dead bodies reminiscent of those in the second episode appears one after another in the busy business district and rekindle the doubt that has been haunting Mikiya for years; is Shiki the murderer? Telling more than this mean giving out massive spoilers so I’ll only say that as the situation progresses, both Shiki and Mikiya are forced to express their true selves and their true feelings to each other. It is violent, bloody and romantic.

Apparently, the show does not bother telling anything more about the nature of Shiki’s power or emphasizing on the ever elusive ‘origin’. In fact, the plot about Touko, the magi and the origin is left clouded in the mist. This final chapter instead tries to conclude matters between Shiki and Mikiya. I don’t know how you felt but I was quite satisfied. Both Shiki and Mikiya are never talkative and I’m glad they finally come to term with each other.

The animation of this chapter remains very impressive though the spectacle is significantly dimmed by the fact that most of the events of this episode happen in a vacant warehouse so there’s no stunning widescreen shot to be seen. Talking about the music, the opening theme is so addictive. The melancholic and sweet atmosphere reminds me of Lilium from Elfen Lied; perfection!

Conclusion: Murder Speculation (part 2) does a fine job in concluding this amazing anime series. The perfect mixture of romance and violence brings unusual joy to my heart.

Rating: B+


Title: Kara no Kyokai: Murder Speculation (Part 2)
Genre: horror, supernatural, action, romance
Release date: August 8, 2009
Running Time: 121 minutes
Director: Shinsuke Takizawa
Animated by: ufotable

Overall, Kara no Kyokai is not especially solid in terms of content or consistency but the series is undoubtedly, exceptionally successful in creating emotional power and inspiring visuals. It is a unique series that all fans should experience.

Overall Rating: B+

4 responses to “Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners: Short anime review part 7/7 – Murder Speculation (Part 2) and overall impression

  1. If you want content, you have to watch it in chronological order. This franchise is fucking awesome in my book but you already know that

    • I wonder if watching this series in chronological order would make it less awesome because there would be less suspense and curiosity?

  2. I still haven’t started a new series since finishing When the Seagulls Cry. When I do I think it will be this and Bungaku Shoujo

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