Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners: Short anime review part 6/7 – Oblivion Recorder

Review: After the fantastic Paradox Spiral, it is almost impossible to watch Oblivion Recorder without feeling like it is just filler. The relative inferiority is too stark to be overlooked. But that does not mean that this episode is bad especially compared to the general standard.

In Oblivion Recorder, Asaka (Mikiya’s sister and Touko’s apprentice) and Shiki infiltrate a boarding school to investigate the magus who controls fairies and steals the students’ memory. The story mostly focuses on Asaka and her relationship with Mikiya. Asaka’s love is not the usual kind that normal siblings share. Yes, Asaka romantically loves Mikiya. Or more correctly, every woman seems to be in love with Mikiya one way or another. I feel that Asaka’s incestuous love dominates the entire episode, overshadowing the main storyline. And that leads to this episode’s undoing.

There is evidently some endeavor to connect Oblivion Recorder with the other episode by hinting about Shiki’s lost memory but this point is never further explored. As a result, the only significant thing the viewers get from this episode is more intimacy with Mikiya. We learn about his childhood and his personality through Asaka’s story.

One thing I notice about this episode is that the general atmosphere is not as heavy and dark as its predecessors. There is hardly any blood or gruesome dead bodies. The quality of the animation and the music remains as superb as this series has always been. Conclusion: Oblivion Recorder is a good anime but its significance is still questionable.

Rating: B


Title: Kara no Kyokai: Oblivion Recorder
Genre: horror, supernatural, action, romance
Release date: December 20, 2008
Running Time: 59 minutes
Director: Takahiro Miura
Animated by: ufotable

**On an unrelated note: I must apologize for the very late response in my last post and for my absence from the anime blogging scene for a while. Work has been hectic and more than once in the past week, I almost got to the point when I would start throwing and breaking things like a mad guy. Luckily I managed to stop myself and maintained my good image. What’s more, I am currently cooking up few very long posts which may get split in two or three parts but they are not finished yet. Thanks for sticking around.

8 responses to “Kara no Kyokai: The Garden of Sinners: Short anime review part 6/7 – Oblivion Recorder

  1. I’ve only watched the first two movies in the KNK series. I must admit, they were quite confusing. Hopefully I’ll get around to watching the rest.

    • All episode is needed to understand the real context of the series. Most of the later episode are generally great so they are highly recommended :)

  2. i definitely thought it was lacking with blood. and i don’t like the unrequited incestship hints throughout the movie.

  3. Quite nice series to be honest, one of the best of the last years both in graphical quality and plot quality. The problem SilentSerenada was saying is that the story (even in the novel) is narrated not in a chronological order so you basically jump between places before understanding the main plot.

  4. I should really catch up with this. It’s been such a beautiful series.

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