Sasameki Koto: anime review – enjoying all the little things

Valentine’s Day is approaching and I suppose many people will be enjoying it. I, on the other hand, am not seeing anyone and I’ll probably spend my weekend watching anime (which is what I do every weekend anyway o_o).  So I figure I should review some rom-com anime just to match with the occasion. And what’s better than a yuri rom-com anime?

Review: Sasameki Koto starts with a bang, not because it is loud or exciting but because it throws the yuriness right into the middle of my face with no warning or subtlety. It is a whole new world where girls dream of other cute girls and pretty boy goes cross dressing to impress girls. I felt like the anime is trying to say ‘This is a hundred percent yuri show, deal with it or leave!’

Sasameki Koto sets in the co-ed school environment. Two girls, the tall uncute Sumi and the pretty Kazama, love each other romantically. The problem lies in the fact that Kazama somehow never know about this love leaving Sumi in a tormenting one sided love trap. As the story further develops and more characters are introduced, the love complex becomes so complicated that one need to draw a mind mapping to fully understand it.

The anime spends the first few episodes in establishing the main character and the complex nature of their relationship. The rest of the show is spent on different minor subplots including exploration of handful of supporting characters like Aoi, Tomoe, Miyako or Akemiya

This fact leads to both Sasameko Koto’s most distinguished and weakest elements. I’ll start with the good. Sasameki Koto pays a lot of attention into details, characterization, small plot twists and very adorable sense of humor. The show is simply charming and very funny. It made me smile a lot. Aside from Sumi and Kazama, other girls (lesbian or not) are all very different and interesting; the mature Tomoe, the innocent looking (but actually quite devilish) Miyako, the shy Aoi and the beautiful Akemiya (this one is not a girl). I think the chemistry between these characters is the best indicator on how well the anime manages to introduce them to the viewers. I just loved seeing them together. It was like meeting with close friends and I knew that something fun would surely occur.

There’re so many little things going on in each episode and I suppose this is what they call ‘slice of life’. The small details lead to another charming quality of Sasameki Koto. The problem is there; the unrequited love, the unfulfilled desire. These things always weight the characters’ hearts but they never forget to enjoy the moment and all the little things in daily life. Life isn’t perfect but it is a good time nevertheless. This is what I especially like about this anime; it makes me feel like despite all the confusing and depressing problems, I still can enjoy every moment of my life.

On the other hand, focusing too closely on small details and minor plots muddles and dilutes the main events of the show. The main plot is a little underdeveloped, in my opinion. Sumi, Kazama and their relationship stays mostly the same throughout the show. I was somewhat disappointed about the ending of this series because it had spent so many episodes on something else and when Kazama started to realize her true feeling towards Sumi, the show ended.

About the animation quality, I’d say Sasameki Koto delivers an up to general standard job, nothing especially impressive or unique like Aoi Hana. Cartoonish versions of characters are used during comedic scenes creating surprisingly effective humor. The original score never really stand out though a few melodies are used so many times that I can’t help remembering. Conclusion: though Sasameki Koto could not fully deliver its main plot as effectively as I hoped, it was still a very charming and funny yuri show that’s worth every minute spent on it.
Rating: B

Title: Sasameki Koto
Genre: romance, comedy
Released date: October 7, 2009 – December 30, 2009
Episode: 13
Director: Eiji Suganuma
Animated by: AIC

23 responses to “Sasameki Koto: anime review – enjoying all the little things

  1. Valentine’s Day sucks. It’s a stupid holiday that I will NEVER like. Unless I lived in Japan where girls are forced to give you chocolate first. Now THAT I could get into.

    Either way, even with a girlfriend I wouldn’t like it. It’s a holiday for companies to sell shit for no reason.

    Sasameki Koto, on the other hand, is totally awesome, because it has lesbians in it, and I am still desperately yearning for another season. Yeah, DESPERATELY YEARNING. Those are some powerful words and I chose them carefully.

    • ‘It’s a holiday for companies to sell shit for no reason.’
      So right. Every year I watch the news saying that roses’ price goes sky high because every one is buying them. They are the same roses and they are not even edible! This makes no sense and no one notices *sigh*

      • That’s part of the reason why, if I had a significant other, I wouldn’t care what sort of flower or jewel I was given – it wouldn’t have to be roses, and it wouldn’t have to be diamonds. There are lots more flowers and jewels that are pretty than just those. Plus, if a guy gave me jewels, he obviously doesn’t know me very well. That money could have gone towards so much anime and manga, lol!

  2. I think I’ve heard a little about this one, but not much. Hm, still not sure if it’s going to be on my (way too long) To Be Watched list. The only other yuri show I’ve ever watched was the first season of Maria Watches Over Us, which I ended up liking enough to buy the rest of. That put it under the “curse of things I own” – since I own it, I’m comfortable that it will be around for me to watch later, so it sits there unwatched while I try to plow through my Hulu queue.

    I might decide to watch this one, but it’ll have to fight its way through the list of all the other things I’ve been meaning to watch. It’d be nice if I were more capable of starting to watch something and then quitting if I decide it’s not for me. As things currently stand, I basically commit to finishing a show every time I start one, and it can be pretty exhausting when the show’s only so-so.

  3. Yeah I agree with the ‘This is a hundred percent yuri show, deal with it or leave!’, but there are 2 types of Yuri show…
    This is the type I don’t like, filled with unnatural drama at every corner…:|

  4. While it drags in parts, I really enjoyed this show.

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  6. I’ll be your valentine if you make me some chocolate, but it has to be the good stuff, not that “giri” crap.

    I’d say this show was fun but ultimately forgettable. When I read your post title, I thought to myself, “Heeeeeeeeeeeey, I did watch that show, didn’t I!”

    • LOL
      I was told that Japanese men would feel neglected if they get no chocolate but would feel good when they get some giri choco. Even though they know that those giri choco are just obligatory. I don’t know what’s worse -_-‘

  7. LOL Baka-Raptor.

    Didn’t catch this series, but I find it interesting it was able to portray this motto of enjoying the small things. Usually, it’s easy to get lost in the primary focus of a series and overlook some of the more niche appeal. Guess that’s something to look out for where we don’t quite expect it.

  8. Eventually I am going to watch a yuri anime, I swear I am. Maybe it’ll be this one. It sounds like the sort of thing I could get into.

    And on the note of Valentine’s Day…I actually like it. But then, maybe that’s just because I have someone this year and I’m doing something for them that’s completely free, and they like it. So that’s kind of awesome.

  9. I’d say my fav show with elements of yuri is still Candy Boy. I loved their personalities and their relationship.

  10. Sounds like how I felt about the manga. I have yet to watch the anime. Having followed the manga for a long time, I just didn’t feel like I needed to watch it.

    Seems like your feelings about the anime match my own about the manga. There is very little subtlety about its yuri genre, which is fun in its own way. The characters and the subplots are nice, but the manga often loses sight of the bigger picture. In fact, one of the reasons I got stalled on Sasameki Koto manga for a long time is because there just isn’t any progression in the main plot. There was a stretch of over 15 chapters of simply nothing really going on. Sounds like the anime suffers a similar problem.

    • It’s all about the details, I guess. But I always have the habit of looking for the main plot so when I find very little or none of it, I can be a bit frustrated :)

  11. I liked the manga which I guess, judging by your review, was actually pretty better. Except I HAVEN’T READ THE LAST! I’m pretty bummed about it. Except there was a completely different story inserted near the end. I enjoyed Sasameki Koto, but it somehow scares me because I’ve been to an all girls’ school for elementary.

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