100,000 hits and a few questions

Milestone post is one of many convenient ways to post something while not actually posting anything. No wonder people do this all the time. Nevertheless, I’ll try my best to make this post as productive as possible.

100K milestone

Obviously, I have just arrived at my 100K hits milestone. This hit count started on July, 2009 when I moved my old (and very quiet) blog from BlogSpot to WordPress. I was very surprised at how long it took me to reach this spot. But then again, my blog traffic was never extravagant and I have the Aniblog Tourney, THAT Anime Blog, Rabbit Poets and many other friends to thank for more public exposure. Glo will probably reach 400K in a few weeks followed closely by Klux. Yi must have surpassed a million hits by now. In short, the number is not big or even matter. What I really need is a cerebration.

The questions

Just to make this post a little more substantial, I would also ask for your opinion on my blog. This is something I have been meaning to do but never got a good chance to do. What do you think my blog still need? Do I need more editorials or do I need more real-time anime review. Do I need episodic post? But you know that’s not going to happen. Do I need better design or my own mascot? I did consider many ideas on changes and upgrades for this blog. One of them was inviting guest writers. Many other bloggers did that to varying results. There were just too many possible options for me so I’ll just put them on a poll and let you decide. I never used polls before. What a shock.

The promises I have not fulfilled

Some of you regular visitors may recall that I said I would do many things. I did most of them already but there are still things I have not done. I need to remind myself to keep those promises. Here’s the list of the said promises with the links back to where I made them.

1. review Kemono no Souja Erin (link)
2. review Real Drive Senno Chosashitsu (link)
3. review both seasons of Natsume Yuujincho (link)
4. review the sixth and seventh episode of Kara no Kyokai (link)

Feel free to share your opinions and suggestions for this blog. All of them are invaluable. Thanks :)

46 responses to “100,000 hits and a few questions

  1. congrats!

    i can’t wait to read some of those upcoming reviews you have pending ^_^

    • Thanks!
      It’s strange that some anime gave me urge to write immediately while some anime, while very good, needed sometime to settled in my mind. Thus, the delayed reviews.

      • yup i have the same issue… which is why it takes me so bloody long and rare that a review actually gets posted on my own site XD

  2. Congrats on your 100K. You’ll reach the next 100K in no time at all. You’ll see…

    I’ve been pretty fucked up with life at the moment thus my blog has not been my priority for the past month. I’m glad that it remained MY personal blog without having to worry about not having a post everyday etc or my visitors kinda deteriorate because of it, otherwise the pressure would have made my life more stressful.

    So I guess what I’m trying to say is, just do what your heart feels like doing so you won’t be burdened by it. Writing an editorial is nice but if you try too hard it would seems forced. It’s not really a bad thing to write about the latest anime though. At least that will help out with the search.

    Just my two cents. Congratulation again :)

    • Thanks. I figured that I’d have to do more recent anime review but change would not be very dramatic since my anime watching habit remains the same; I watch anime so randomly and post even more randomly -_-

  3. Yay congrats on the 100k hits Canne! you deserve it! ;D
    As for your question.. honestly imo this blog doesn’t need more of anything, it’s fun enough just coming and reading whatever you feel like posting about. The one thing that the blogosphere doesn’t need is more episodic reviews >__< there's too many blogs already doing that~ A new blog design sounds like a good idea!

    • Thanks! I will surely change my theme every once in a while and I didn’t really mean to write episodic reviews anyway. It’s just too hard to keep everything up-to-date and yeah, too many great episodic reviewer already nowadays :)

  4. 400K in a few weeks!? I WISH. I just reached 300.

    Congrats on 100 though it’s smooth sailing as this blog will now explode with a large excess of hits and comments!!!

    Blog’s awesome regardless. One of my favorites…..let’s see where I rank you actually…..

    5th! And that’s damn good!

  5. Congratulations on the 100k!

    Just keep doing what you are doing. Writing more probably helps draw more visitors, but you have decide if it’s worth the extra effort. Blogging shouldn’t feel like a chore.

  6. Congrats dude! I like the style of your blog so keep it up. Don’t try to fix what isn’t broken.

  7. I was going to congratulate you earlier today, but you’re blocked at the Brooklyn Supreme Court for some reason. Surprisingly, I am not.

  8. Congratulations! ^^

    I voted for “More articles/editorials” but like kluxorious says, do whatever your heart tells you to do. You should post whatever you want to post. :) My own two cents…

    • Thank you :)
      Articles are the most fun to write when circumstances and moods are right. They pops up irregularly but always very passionate and interesting to me.

  9. Congrats!

    For starters, more posts would be nice~

    • Hehe, I know and I’ve tried. So far I was able to maintain at least one post a week and more if I could. Of course, I will post more than that if possible. It’s just not easy to break my own balanced routine -_-

  10. Congrats on the 100K! I vote for Nyanko-sensei to become your new mascot! Otherwise I like it pretty much as it is. =P

  11. Congratulations on reaching the milestone! I feel so tiny, haha.

  12. Congratulations on hitting 100,000! I really like this review blog, and it’s one I keep coming back to all the time, so keep up the good work. ^ ^

    Anyway, I voted for more up-to-date anime reviews. I think newer anime will always be more relevant than older in this rapidly moving industry. So with the exception of classics and hidden old gems, I tend not to care too much for old school anime.

    • Thank you for the great comment! I will definitely try to review more recent titles though I am naturally slow and very dependent on mood when it comes to writing o_o

  13. I voted for an anime music post. Mostly because I would be quite intrigued to see what a music post from you would look like. My second pick would be to keep doing what you’re doing out there in the reviewing arena.

    Congrats on hitting that milestone!

  14. “Milestone post is one of many convenient ways to post something while not actually posting anything. No wonder people do this all the time. ”

    Hahahaha I definitely agree. That and the”Merry Christmas/Happy New Year/Happy V-day, etc…” post with a single holiday themed image seem like filler (although well-wished filler). But anyway I have to say I REALLY don’t follow blogs where there are episode to episode reviews. I watch anime marathon style, I can’t stand to wait and watch 1 episode a week. So even though I may like and respect certain bloggers, once their blogs turn to single episode posts I have no choice but to back away. Either that or I spoil plot for myself.

    But that’s just me and everyone should run their own blog how they want to. It’s their hobby after all.

  15. Sorry, a bit late but congrats. x]

  16. Congrats on this, keep with it :)

    I voted for more up-to-date reviews, but I also think you do a good job as is. Haven’t taken a look through your pre-wordpress archives, but I wonder if you’ve noticed a change in your style/personality/expressiveness over time. Never hurts to evaluate yourself.


    • I was really afraid of that old section of my blog. Those posts terrified me to death because they were quite immature and lacked substance; they were bad. No wonder no one read them. It’s amazing how much I changed during just a few years. ^_^’

  17. I discovered this blog through your “Who do you think is CLAMP’s trademark character?” post. I thought it was entertaining, and have generally found your opinions to be amusing. I think having more editorials with “what do you think?” questions would be great :)

    • Thank you for the visits, opinions and lots of comments! :)
      And you are right. Editorials which asked questions to the readers usually gets more attention and discussions.

  18. Belated congratulations for your milestone:) Hope to you will post another one like this for 500K and 1MM viewings soon!

    I do like a lot of your non-review articles (gateway anime / makurokurosuke) so more of that definitely would be good in my book.

    PS. going back to looking at the review section, I can’t seem to find sorting by your grade. I vaguely remember that being there…

  19. Just keep writing. I think your personal voice and friendly articles are the key to your success.

    As for a few suggestions:

    Perhaps you should consider writing about y0ur favorite manga/anime directors, writers, illustrators, or animation studios.

    Compare and contrast animation styles of your favorite anime.( I may be biased with how many people may be interested in such details. I majored in Computer Animation back in college ^_^)

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