Our world is the most beautiful place: reflections from The Grid

I spent part of my New Year holiday at the cinema. I watched Tron Legacy expecting it to be as spectacular as the trailers, TV spots and the online buzz said it would be. Well, it was far from that but it didn’t mean that the movie was a total waste of time. In this article I will talk about what the film told me. It was something awfully simple, very basic. In fact, it was something we already know. Tron told me the world was the most beautiful place.

Tron Lagacy took place in the virtual world called ‘The Grid’. If you are an exclusive anime fan, just think of Oz from Summer Wars with less color variety and you get the idea. I am not reviewing the whole movie since there are plenty of great movie reviews for you online already. Here, I will focus only on the beauty. I think most of us who dragged ourselves out of warm beds to see this movie in the cinema, in 3D, wanted to experience the sight and the sound which was the staple of this movie. I found the digital visuals to be exciting enough but nothing close to awe-inspiring. I was much more visually impressed when I saw Avatar last year. Actually, I was more excited when I watched certain anime like Kemono no Souja Erin, Natsume Yujinchou or Sora no Woto, just to name a few.

a scene from Kemono no Souja Erin

Why? You may ask me. Easy, those examples I mentioned did not rely only on the design or the animation, they also contain glimpse of the real world. There were flowers, trees, mountains and waterfalls. There were clear blue sky, sunrise and wide oceans. Those films and anime wisely used the animation/CGI to enhance what’s already the most spectacular thing of all; nature. For me, The Grid was dry and barren landscape one after the other. There was no life and there were hardly any details. The action scenes were flashy but the fictional world in Tron Legacy was just uninspiring.

another scene from Natsume Yuujinchou

To my surprise, the creators of Tron Lagacy seemed to realize this fact as well. In the final part of the movie, Quorra asked Sam what sunrise looked like and Sam could not describe it with words alone. There was nothing in this man-made world that could match it in complexity and beauty. [Spoiler alert!] When Sam and Quorra left The Grid and enter the real world, Sam took Quorra for a ride on his motorbike and showed her what sunrise really looked like. None spoke any word.

It’s quite ironic. Tron Legacy tried to sell us the amazing and expensive virtual world but in the end, it concluded that real world was the most beautiful place. So I paid a large sum of money to be reminded of this fact plus some additional ‘disk-fight’ scenes and light-cycle racing. Well, it was entertaining enough.

Beauty is all around us. Be optimistic and Happy New Year!

Since this is the first post of 2011, I would like to wish you all very warm and happy New Year!

13 responses to “Our world is the most beautiful place: reflections from The Grid

  1. Tron Legacy was okay, nothing special.

    Happy New Year! ^^

  2. Tron Legacy was entertaining, but loses some of its gusto towards the end as sentimentality takes the reigns. Visually very impressive, though. I reviewed it here if anyone is interested ;)
    Happy New Year!

    • I thought it was visually impressive but not very captivating. It’s probably safe to say that it lacked ‘magic’.
      (I didn’t know you wrote reviews on that site as well, very nice!)

  3. I went into Tron thinking that it would just be a fun popcorn movie with excellent visuals so I wasn’t let down by it. There were some lull moments during the exposition in the middle bits and I think it never managed to reach the heights it got to during the frisbee/light cycle scenes.

    But that said, I liked it a lot, I’m very easy to please when it comes to movies and it was eyegasmic enough for me to overlook the things other people seem to point out.

    Plus, Quorra was just too hot :P

  4. I haven’t seen Tron yet but I gotta say that I’ve listened to the sound track a lot already. I think it was more promoted than the darn movie honestly XD

    You are totally correct in praising Kemono no Souja Erin for it’s beauty. Everything about that show is SO darn pretty it’s breathtaking.

    • Tron’s ost was great which made the trailer felt exceptionally captivating :P
      Speaking of Erin, I haven’t post my review on that show even if I said I would for like…half a year >_<

  5. The real world sure is beautiful if we look in the right places! Cheers to a nice 2011. ^ ^

  6. Hears to a fantastic new year~

    Tron was eye candilicious >_<" nothing too profound though

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