Recalling 2010: Canne’s most memorable anime moments

This is a partially obligatory post for me. New Year is approaching and everyone is celebrating (inside and outside their blogs). So here I am, writing the 2010 summary post and celebrating in my own way.

To tell the truth, I could barely keep up with new shows this past year. Work had been hectic and when I was free, I ended up watching, or re-watching, older series. Nevertheless, I did manage to squeeze in a number of shows, most of which created significant hype when they aired. Do note that the listed moments do not reflect the quality of the show. The real criticism of these anime will be in my full reviews which are currently in the work. Some good shows are not listed at all for their lack of striking moments or I simply haven’t seen them.

ONE: The young Ireia Kitty

As much as I loved watching Hamyut doing her evil laughs and her sexy posting, Ireia Kitty, who mostly stayed in the background, always fascinated me with her calmness, kindness and incredible power. So when I reached the final episode of Tatakau Shisho: The Book of Bantorra, I was totally blown away as the young Ireia Kitty showed up to save everyone. It was a pity she had so little screen time.

This still image is severly inadequate. You have to see the scene to understand!

TWO: The rippling boobs

Every single blogger was talking about High School of the Dead when it came out and I had no choice but to give it a try. I enjoyed the fan-service part a lot. And this anime pushed the boundary of fan-service for me after I saw boobs rippled. That was quite a piece of animation!

THREE: Himeji saves the day!

Hideyoshi might get to have his private section in every bath house and locker room. He might be the star whom everyone was talking about. I laughed in all of his scenes and could never imagine Baka to Test to Shokanju without him. Nevertheless, the moment that truly wowed me and almost made me leapt out of my seat was when the fragile, lovely Himeji first summoned her virtual self and saved the day.

Notice the jellyfish on the stormtrooper's head

FOUR: The geeky opening of Kuragehime

The only other time that I saw anime OP/ED referring to Hollywood movies was in one of Hanamaru Kindergarten’s ever-changing ending sequences. But that could not be compared to the awesomeness of Kuragehime’s opening which featured these nerdy ladies in many geeky classic movies like Starwars, Singing in the Rain, Mary Poppins, James Bonds movies and even Kill Bill/Bruce Lee!

FIVE: Rabbits that kill!

Is it possible to maintain the cuteness and fluffiness of rabbits while having them kill other animals brutally? Yes, it is very possible. Cat Shit One the animation is the solid proof of that. Packy and Bota are as cute as any rabbits can be while shooting camels in the head. I wonder when the rest of the series will be released.

SIX: Yui and Gitah

Yes, I actually watched it despite what I said about the first season. K-ON!! opened with the sequence that left such good impression; Yui innocently played her Gitah and started doing this cool gestures rotating her arms. I think there is a name for this gesture but I am too lazy to search for it so if you know, please tell me.

SEVEN: The last school festival

That’s right! K-ON!! made double appearances in this list! Despite the fact that I had spent the past whole year complaining or making fun of K-ON!, the girls started to grew on me. They were seniors. It was right after they performed in their final school festival. Yui started talking about what they would do in the future and suddenly realized that there would be no more school festival for them. Reality hit them. Time went by and lives went on. It was inevitable and sad. I didn’t know K-ON!! could conjure up such powerful drama.

Honorary mention: every scene in OreImo featuring Kuroneko. There were so many but none really stood out so I didn’t put them in the list. Another high-light of 2010 is the Aniblog Tourney which I advanced to the last 16 blog round but that topic has been thoroughly covered in several of my previous posts.

So that’s it. I know it feels like a pretty dry list for such a colorful year of anime but like I said, it’s been a busy year for me. On the other hand, who knows what would have happened to me if I hadn’t watched all these silly anime.

New Years is just around the corner and I wish you all a very happy holidays. Oh, and thousands of thank you for my regular readers, fellow bloggers, familiar faces and new faces as well. It’s been a great year in aniblogsphere!

Ps. there may be another post from me before 2010 ends but I am not sure so I guess we will just have to wait and see :)

I also posted something similar in 2009 and I plan to do this every year. Check out my 2009 moments here.

27 responses to “Recalling 2010: Canne’s most memorable anime moments

  1. K-ON!! moment? Really? O_o

    Agree with the others though, especially rabbits that killed. That was one of the best. When the next episode will be out though? Any idea?

    • I actually secretly feel guilty of putting K-ON!! up but do note that I am not saying I love it. I keep my true criticism for my full review :)

      No, I have no idea when the next Cat Shit One will be out.

  2. Haha the boobs in Highschool of the Dead had some incredible physics. I dunno if I would put it in my highlight list, but it’s not easy to forget lol.

    Oh, and Happy holidays!

  3. Haha, some nice moments there. I think I haven’t watched all that much anime this year either relative to past years. Real life stuff gets in the way. But for the shows I watched, it’s been fun.

    Agreed about the breast ripples. Such an… interesting scene. Yui and Gitah are awesome. And Kuroneko is soooo cute!

    Anyways, merry Christmas and congrats on finishing another year. ^ ^

  4. Merry Christmas Canne! ^_^ hope you enjoy your holidays!

  5. Obligatory Yui x Giitah moment there. Stay classy.

  6. Most of what you named is sitting on my To Watch list. Oh, the joys that next year will bring me from my New Year’s resolution…which I’m not going to name here since I’ll be doing a blog post on it on the New Year itself, haha.

    And happy holidays, Canne! :)

  7. Yui is such a cutie~

  8. Panty & Stocking With Garterbelt was the greatest thing that happened this year! Even better than High School of the Dead’s bullet-dodging breasts!

  9. Kuragehime OP best of the year in my opinion. Not only because of the obvious Chatmonchy greatness, but also because I simply love the animation sequences and references. God that show is awesome.

  10. I hate Kuragehime, but its OP (specifically, the Star Wars scene) never fails to impress me. There is nothing right with the picture, but it all seems so natural that it’s hilarious.

    • I have not seen you around for a while! :)
      It’s kind of great that Starwars took up the biggest portion of the OP compared to other movie references. Maybe the creators loved the movie personally.

  11. Awww K-ON!!…I want to see another season with them in college.

    Happy Holidays and it was indeed a great year!

  12. Looks like I should watch season 2 of K-On! then. I felt K-On! was incredibly overrated after I watched season 1. So when season 2 came out I was wondering if I should bother. I didn’t hate season 1, but I felt like there were probably better options for me out there.

  13. To be honest, K-On was still overrated but it was not as bad as many had said either. I think it all comes down to personal taste and preference :)

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