Resurfacing and keeping in touch

I do not usually post that often to begin with but some of you, especially my regular visitors must have noticed that I have been quiet lately. I am here right now, telling you that I am alive, actively watching anime and still writing about anime despite some new challenging distractions.

Update on real life situation

The last few weeks has been extremely chaotic. I started brand new research project which was required in my residency training program. It would be prospective, interventional study on human volunteer. In short, it was a very big project. I have been doing endless extensive literature review and discussing the project with my mentor. I was a bit obsessive and preoccupied the whole time. Thus, I didn’t post all that often. But fear not, once things settle down, I’ll return to my regular posting. In fact, things have already settled down and I am current posting.

Watching old anime gives me a strangely warm and soothing feeling.

Update on my anime watching

After finishing High School of the Dead, I just lost my interest in the new season shows. Instead, I turned to older series and for the last few weeks, I joyously watched old shows like Heroic Age, Gankutsuou and Dennou Coil. So you can expect to see lots of reviews on anime from the past decade coming up from me. Concerning the current season, I am keeping tract of only one show right now. It is Bakuman. If you have any recommendation, do not hesitate to tell me.

Update on my blog traffic and stats

I am surprised to see that despite my silence, my blog traffic hardly decreases at all. My daily hits remains very constant. The main hit drawers for my blog are the Common health problem post series, Avatar review series and Queen’s Blade review. Who would have thought Queen’s Blade is still so popular after all these years?

Oh yeah, I forgot about the devine milk...

I’ll post new reviews and probably new article in a few days and thank you for sticking around. ^^

22 responses to “Resurfacing and keeping in touch

  1. I might start on watching the old stuff again for the winter. Have you seen the line-up? I will be better watching the anime from several years back.

    • I’ll agree here the winter lineup looks pretty shitty. There’s I think one title that looks somewhat inviting but other than that….Poop. It will be good for me since I still haven’t finished titles from spring.

      I too just finished watching HOTD and was so excited by it that I’m not concerned with anything really (except InuYasha on Adult Swim! Back to back episodes every Saturday (technically, Sunday morning)!)!

    • @klux – Yep, I saw the line up but was only mildly excited, though one can hardly judge the entire next season right now.
      @glo – HOTD is almost a genuine guilty pleasure for me. I can say a lot of bad things about it if I want to…I’ll be reviewing it soon :)

  2. Recommendations for this season? If there’s only room for one, I’d say go watch Kuragehime. Even from one episode, you can see it has that something “special”.

  3. It’s already at ep 15 or 16, but you might give Nurarihyon a try. It’s a light shonen yokai story with colorful characters, not very violent, kind of for a younger teen audience (so far, anyway). It’s enjoyable and engaging.

    • Thanks for the recommendation. It does not matter if it has already half way aired because I will most likely marathon it when it complete anyway. ^^

  4. good luck with your studies. Reviewing literature is very time consuming business.

    I started my grad school and I’m not really doing much for my research project right now lol.

  5. Good to know you’re working hard! :) Ah, DenCo… that’s one I enjoyed. For this season, I’ll agree on Kuragehime, and maybe throw in Star Driver and Otome Youkai Zakuro.

    Hope you can relax shortly.


  6. watching old ones was indeed a very warm experience…

    I guess the today’s shows was a bit too hard to handle… Well, good luck on the upcoming project.

  7. We all have these moments of business and decreased post rate. Good luck with your research project. ^ ^

    For the new season, if I can make a suggestion… OreImo is a pretty good pick. Of course, it’s also great to visit old classics.

    Anyways, don’t underestimate the power of Queen’s Blade and breasts!

  8. My blog’s been very quiet too – study takes priority and has occupied most of my time for the last few months – so I know the feeling. Good luck with your project!

  9. Ah yes, the joys of starting up a research project. The long and cold nights where and the articles of foreign unknown professors/MD’s are your only friends. A few weeks and you look like gollum, hissing at the world outside and more afraid of the daylight than a xeroderma pigmentosum patient. Finding evidence to back up the theory is always the most tedious and time consuming process. Afterwards though, the real fun begins, so keep up the good work. I look forward to reading you article in Nature ;-)
    Good Luck with your project.

    • You described my life in the last few weeks quite precisely and for a moment, it was almost scary >_<
      Thank you for your encouragement.
      *Nature, here I come!*

  10. Best of luck on your research project! It sounds pretty intense.

  11. My traffic stayed the same! I’m so darn slow that bloggers often have an apology post for being away for so long followed by 2-3 updates by the time I make my way back! I should be apologizing every other post for how darn slow I am lol

    • I think there’s nothing wrong with being slow. The more important thing is consistency. I am slow as well and I am beginning to believe that my readers are quite familiar with my slow pacing (when I updated unusually soon, no one visited that post until a few days later which would be the time I normally post new things). -_-

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