Intermission: Let’s not talk, just listen…

Crushed by real life, I looked for something to rekindle what’s left of my soul and sanity by ransacking my music collection. I found what I was looking for and I wanted to share them with you. So relax, listen and free your mind. Here we go…




YOU WANT ME 2 – Sarah McLachlan

RAIN – Mai Yamane

That was a surprisingly smooth combination of pop, rock, contemporary and new-age! As the title said, this post is just an intermission, my posting schedule remains relatively the same. Cheers :)

11 responses to “Intermission: Let’s not talk, just listen…

  1. Thank you for sharing, I hope you’ll recover soon!

    Interesting selection. I like Angela Aki’s songs :)

  2. Unintended is easily one of my favourite Muse songs. Excellent choice!

  3. Angela Aki kinda ruins the whole medieval-ish sort of theme from the other pieces in FFXII and I did kind of wish Sakimoto got free reign over how all the themes managed to get developed. Had that been the case, we might have gotten something on the magnitude of Odin Sphere’s awesome choral theme that I love!

    That’s an aside though since Aki’s song is actually pretty decent. Just an unrelated gripe about FFXII soundtrack :p

    • Kiss Me Goodbye was my first exposure to FFXII soundtracks so I didn’t feel the misplacement as strongly as you did. Eventually, I love it on its own as another love song :)

    • Same here. I can’t help but feel that “KISS ME GOODBYE” is like another song on its own and not tied to FFXII in any way. Granted, the music is very much like Aki’s style so perhaps it might have sounded a bit off had the arrangement been different (or they could have employed a different singer all together?).

      Thanks for sharing the songs on this page. Made my day, especially after weary hours at the office and lab. Nothing beats having music to heal the soul. :)

  4. Beautiful selection of music. Let’s all just relax for a bit.
    Feel better. ^ ^

  5. Thanks for sharing, and I’m glad to hear you’re feeling better now. ^^

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