Closing thoughts on the Aniblog Tourney: a deadly serious business!

anime blogging is a deadly serious business!

Is it just me or the Aniblog Tourney has been less captivating lately? It seems like the topic is getting old but since I have scribbled this draft up for a few weeks already, I think I should just post it and be done with it. This post will mostly focus on my impression and thoughts on the Aniblog Tourney which is now in its final phase.

Bowing out from the Tourney; it was quite a journey!

Canne’s run in the Aniblog Tourney was stopped by none other than the great Star Crossed Anime Blog in the fourth round. The defeat was absolute, logical and expected. I was quite satisfied by all this. I have thanked you already for supporting me but since my performance was so unexpectedly good (much better than I initially thought), I’ll thank you again and I also prepare more cookies for you!

more cookies for you!

What I learned from this Tourney

–  There are countless good blogs out there waiting to be discovered and, in some case, rediscovered.
–  Never underestimate the power of the silent, general readers *cough*Star crossed*cough*
–  Never underestimate the power of Yuri *cough*Listless Ink*cough*
–  Good and timely campaigning is important…but not as much as luck.
–  Last but not least; anime blogging is a very, very, very serious business.

Surprising new blogs I started to follow from the Aniblog Tourney

Believe it or not, I only started following some big names and mainstream blogs like THAT Anime Blog, Sea Slug! Anime Blog, Josh’s Anime Blog or Chaostangent after the Tourney. Prior to the event, I usually lurk around less popular editorial blogs and smaller blogs. I rarely visit big episodic blogs at all partly because I always fall behind in watching the currently airing shows and because I love reading deep and contemplative stuffs. You can say that I am an elitist-lover and that I have some bias towards mainstream things but this Tourney showed me that team blogs can possess personality and popular blogs are popular for a reason.

I don't know what picture I should put here so...

Aniblog Tourney’s most memorable events!

–  Hanner’s Anime Blog vs. We Remember Love in second round; I have nothing against Hanner but I just didn’t see that coming!
–  Listless Ink vs. Random C in third round; I was simply speechless and the drama after the match was so fun to observe!
–  Nama-ko vs. Baka-Raptor in fourth round; every single second of the match is just so exciting and the intensity of the campaigning from both sides is incredible!
–  Canne vs. Colony Drop in first round; witness the power of hatred!

Some ideas for the future tourney

–  Improvement in seeding system: Some blogs are ranked irrationally too low and some too high. So the Tourney loses proper build up, balance and consistency. We saw many Titans clashed too early. But I think if there is the second tourney, seeding will be easier because the stats from the first tourney can be quite useful
–  Separate editorial/episodic blogs: This suggestion is admittedly lame but it did flash through my thoughts very often especially after seeing great but not too popular editorial blogs got beaten one after another.


Sea Slug!, Star Crossed and Kurogane are locked for the final four places but the last seat is still a tossup between Yi and Fuzakenna. If I had to guess who would win, I would say Star Crossed has the best chance because so far it has amassed so many votes without doing anything more than posting a few sentences in his blog.

Um, it looks like I haven’t post any anime review lately. I mostly spend my time just watching anime right now but don’t worry, I have already prepared handful of reviews and will post them soon. Thanks!

14 responses to “Closing thoughts on the Aniblog Tourney: a deadly serious business!

  1. Star-crossed is looking to win it all since they can easily pull up numbers pretty nicely, though I do think Sea Slugs’ ability to conjure up tons of votes might prevail.

    As for the goals of the tourney, it’s done what I expected, so I’m pleased to find more quality sites to add to my reading list.

    • It would be a tough choice between Star Crossed and Sea Slug! and I think a great number of people voted for both in the previous matches. The question is; when they are forced to choose, who will prevail?

  2. After Baka Raptor lost, I lost interest with the tourney. I guess if the final is between Yi and Fuzakenna, I’ll be voting again.

  3. popular blogs are popular for a reason

    I wish more people would realise this and stop throwing around the word ‘popular’ like it’s a negative thing. They’re clearly doing something right!

    As for Titans clashing early, I don’t have too much problem with that. Means there are still interesting match ups early on in the tourney and also means other blogs punch far above their weight with an easier run in.

    I don’t really want to split up episodic and editorial either. It’s only the BIG guns that progress. The smaller episodic blogs tend to get beaten by the smaller editorial blogs. Maybe a three-tiered seeding system where the really big episodic blogs don’t appear until much later on

    • Yeah, it is not right to generalize the word ‘popular’ as something negative but sometimes people can be downright silly. Nothing is absolute.

      Three-tiered seeding sounds interesting but I will approve it only if I am seeded really high :P

  4. “Never underestimate the power of the silent, general readers”
    Agreed. There are some blogs that one would not expect to have many readers based on comment counts or blogosphere presence, but actually have quite impressive stats.
    I think one thing I’ve learned is not to dismiss any particular blog.

  5. Oh boy, those cookies make me hungry.

    Believe it or not, I only started following some big names and mainstream blogs like THAT Anime Blog, Sea Slug! Anime Blog, Josh’s Anime Blog or Chaostangent after the Tourney.

    Right back at ya! I didn’t follow many blogs before I had started blogging. Now, I know a lot more editorials and episodics.

    Never underestimate the power of Yuri *cough*Listless Ink*cough*

    I really had no idea it could be that powerful. I was proven wrong. O_O

    Last but not least; anime blogging is a very, very, very serious business.

    I was actually very surprised at the intensity and competition of the match-ups. I realized that blogging was certainly important to people (as it is to me), but the level of sheer intensity truly surprised me. I’m wondering if this is beneficial or harmful or both.

    Anyways, sorry about your loss to Star-Crossed. It’s definitely the behemoth of the tourney, and probably our toughest match-up.

    I look forward to more of your posts!

    • I have never fully understood the power of yuri but it was obviously there when Yi garnered nearly 500 votes out of thin air :)
      Thank you for support and for visiting!

  6. The Aniblog Tourney introduced me to a ton of new blogs that I still have yet to check out thoroughly. I will get around to it sometime though!

    I also don’t really follow the big mainstream blogs that much, maybe I should give them a chance. >_>

    • Big blogs usually update really frequently and have wide variety of contents, so there’s always good chance that there is something that interests you :)

  7. I’m not much of a fan of posts that review each episode of an anime either.Even on shows I’m watching sometimes I have to stop because I fell a little behind and these types of posts are often not spoiler free.

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