More anime bloggers with awesome avatar!

This is a continuation of my earlier post ‘Which anime blogger has the most awesome avatar?‘. But in fact, the real motive of making this post is the guilty feeling from overlooking Kluxorious’s avatar in that post. She clearly was hurt by such omission, so much that she went ‘hiding in the corner‘. So I decide to do some make up post and since I’m doing it, I will also present more fantastic avatars I ran into recently. Please be noted that these avatars are the ones that impress me personally and aesthetically. My choice has nothing to do with the quality of the blogs. Here we go!

Chikorita157: There are two great things about this avatar. Firstly, the girl(Mio) is doing something (in this case, reading) not just smiling or smirking at the viewers like most avatars. Secondly, this avatar cleverly utilizes the background to enhance the emotional effect of the whole picture. The bubbles adds dreamy and ecstatic feelings to the avatar; fantastic!

Funk: when in doubt, go with something cute. It always works, at least to me. Funk’s avatar is simple, clean and friendly. Plus, it’s not something too generic or too random.

Guy: Only a few of us use non-anime avatar (Author comes to mind). I think using anime avatar is more accessible in the aniblogsphere and I personally think that anime characters look lovelier than something real but Guy proves me wrong. His ‘melon cat’ is funny, lovely and accessible.

Halfadeckshort: The eye is the most sophisticated part of the face and it’s only natural that many of us choose the eye as their avatars. Some example include Executive Otaku, Steve of AUtaku and SilverWolf (is he a blogger?). Halfadeckshort’s avatar impresses me the most mainly because it made me look so hard into that eye trying to figure out what’s in it and in the end I had no idea what it was. I suspected that it was something burning.

Janette: Janette has just changed her avatar and I must say that she’s done the right thing. Her old avatar, the one which raised hand to the viewers, was somewhat…offensive, like she didn’t want to hear what I wanted to say(I am talking about the avatar, not Janette herself, of course). This new avatar is super cute thanks to the kitty. And I can’t take it out of my mind because I’m not sure if she is going to kill the kitten.

Kairu: I love this one because its expression caught my interest very well. It made me wonder if she was afraid, embarrassed or was in some kind of pain. What do you think?

Kluxorious: as I said earlier, klux is the queen of this post. I don’t think I have to say how unique this avatar is; it’s not some screencap, anime art, RL photo or any animal. It is a logo with her name on it and the posture of the woman, looking up, is also very interesting. I wonder where she got this avatar from?

Kyokai: The girl is sleeping and she seems to be having a good dream. This avatar does not stand out at first sight but shines upon closer inspection. I love the tranquility and peaceful feeling radiating from this avatar.

Sergio: another avatar with emotions and depth, this one actually makes me feel warm and fluffy. Another subtle details that makes this avatar all the more complex is the plastered wounds on her face. She must have been through a lot and yet, she is smiling warmly; wonderful!

Special mention: Scamp – I was going to include his old avatar because I thought it had quite unique facial expression but recently Scamp change his avatar which focuses on a girl’s antenna…so I am on the fence right now, not sure if I like it o_o

That’s it for now. There are many more great avatars out there. If you have any in your mind, please share here. Thanks!

22 responses to “More anime bloggers with awesome avatar!

  1. lol I forgot about this (which obviously is a lie). And to be honest I can’t remember where did I get it from. I have been using this avatar since 2002. It sure brings back memories =3

  2. Yay! I made it!

    I like quiet avatars which don’t push and draw your attention against your will, the focus is the content.

    As for my cat, it should be something that the readers can understand and relate to. Anime avatars is one thing, but there’s a reason the simpley smiley (:)) is so universal. Cats are universal.
    Also, contrary to popular belief, my blog is not limited to anime/figures, but also deals with books, geekhood in general, movies, etc. :) I just post slightly less about them.

    I doubt Fate-chan is going to kill her companion ;) Chibis are always in.
    Funk is sort of like mine, it has universal appeal.

    • Cats are universal *nod* Avatars involving cats always wins.
      You nailed it there about Funk’s avatar. Universal appeal is the word I was looking for :)

  3. Always loved Klux’s. I like unique self-made avatars a lot, so yea. Janette also has a really cute one too, because who doesn’t love loli Fate.

  4. Ah, these are good fun and attractive :) LOL, that mini-Mio is so cute. klux’s avatar is cool, looks like a coin or something!!!

  5. klux wins. I expect nothing less from my wife.

  6. I love the game the opening picture this post is from. Plus, Tomoka is like my favorite character. :D

    On that note, I should think about a better avatar. Hm…

  7. Thanks for the mention. :) My avatar is from episode three (the panty thief episode) of Full Metal Panic!, the moment when Kaname catches Sousuke and Shinji pantsu-handed on her balcony and goes nuclear. A slightly larger version is here:

  8. Guy’s is my favorite. I have an insane weakness for lolcats.

    • :)

      It’s a cat macro, not a lolcat. There is no caption ;-)

      BTW, I also like Ducky’s. But maybe because it makes me smile seeing it on my blog, knowing a comment from her is there :)

  9. Oh wow, I’m surprised (and glad) that my Fate one made it in here, I had no idea it was so likable. And to be honest, I’ve been trying to change icons lately to find one that fits better.

    But since Fate gets a place of honor here, it’s back to Fate for me. :) At least for now. Tee hee. I’ll keep that in the mind in the future, more welcoming icons.

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