Makurokurosuke stethoscope and a collection of mini-posts (part 1)

Foreword: though the content in this post is not directly related to Yi’s collection of thoughts, the purpose of this post is directly inspired by hers. I have had quite a number of small personal topics that I want to post but the content is too thin to make individual post for each of them. This pattern is a good solution.

Oh! Before we start, I would like to express my eternal gratitude to my friends and readers who had been such a huge support for this blog during its time in the Aniblog Tourney. Let me assure you that you words and your votes mean so much more than just numbers in the polls!

Mini-post 1: Makurokurosuke stethoscope and another challenging phase in my medical career

Maybe the main purpose of this whole post is to show you this but I won’t admit that. Anyway, some of you must have already known that I recently graduated from med school. From this month onward, I am participating in the Internal Medicine residency program. The training takes three years but at least I am paid. I’m aiming for Rheumatology Fellowship program after this.

As the new phase began, I bought myself new stethoscope, an irrationally expensive black edition cardiology stethoscope, to be exact. For the decoration of the stethoscope, I have to be extra careful. I wanted to decorate it with something anime-related to express my anime fandom and to ease my mind from work. But it could not be too extravagant lest it might ruin my smart, calm, intelligent and reliable image (I possess none of the said qualities but I am supposed to look like I do o_o). I ransacked my stash; Doraemon doll…too big and fluffy, Taiga figure…too distracting, Goku figure…where did I get it from? I never liked him to begin with. OMG! A dead end!

cutest stethoscope ever!

Then I saw it, a black round object hidden in the shadow in the corner of the stash; Makurokurosuke. It was black and cute but it was not too conspicuous. It would not destroy my image and it simultaneously, subtly displayed my anime fan identity; perfection! I put it on my stethoscope and I couldn’t help admiring the outcome. It was as if they were made for each other! I later asked a few of my coworkers if they recognized my Makurokurosuke and predictably they didn’t know it but said it was cool and not too outstanding. I kind of felt sorry for my RL friends; I could never imagine a life without any knowledge of Totoro anime. Talk about tragedy.

Mini-post 2: Introducing my very serious side blog project

Just like many other bloggers, I try to keep the content of my blog relevant or at least related to anime/manga. But bloggers are also writers and often enough, I feel the urge to write about something else that relates to other aspects of me that is not anime. So I set up another blog as my side project (this is nothing new, everyone around here has side blogs like Yi, Glo, Koji Oe, Chikorita157 for example). Actually, I started it last year but hadn’t updated it at all.

This time I intend to keep it at least sluggishly active. My side blog is called RheumatoDiary. Most of the contents are related to medical topics, Rheumatology and other work experience. Of course, some personal rants can also be expected. You can take a look and you can even throw me some health-related questions if you want but I doubt my side blog will be interesting to anyone but myself. Plus, I am not obligated to update it regularly or frequently. I’ll do that when I want. After all, Canne’s anime review blog is and will always be my primary blog.

I actually love Frappe more than hot coffee

Mini-post 3: Fighting my caffeine addiction; I am going bankrupt!

Well, that was an exaggeration. It wasn’t an addiction since having a cup of coffee never created negative effect on my life/work. In fact, coffee was one of the major things that contributed to my success today. A good part of my studies happened in quiet coffee shops. Nice blended coffee always helped me concentrate and improved my mood. But nowadays, I think I am having too much coffee per day. There were some days that I had up to 3 or 4 Frappe; in the morning, after lunch, before dinner and before I went to bed. That was crazy! What really got me to think about fixing this habit is the shocking amount of money I spent on coffee each day (I often bought expensive coffee). Yes, I paid for coffee more than I paid for my food and even gasoline! I am trying to reduce my coffee intake right now but it is not going so well. If you have any suggestion, don’t hesitate to tell me.

A collection of mini-post part 1 ends here; part 2 will mostly be about the Aniblog Tourney. I am waiting for the tourney to reach its final stage before I publish the post so that will be sometime around the semi-finals, I guess.

26 responses to “Makurokurosuke stethoscope and a collection of mini-posts (part 1)

  1. Cute stethoscope :p

    As for the coffee addiction, just stop drinking altogether for a week or two. You’ll feel a bit sluggish in the beginning, but soon enough you’ll be back to your usual energy levels.

    • Thanks. I was trying to slowly reduce the amount of intake but somehow I ended up choosing the less expensive coffee but still drank the same amount of it X_X

  2. Such an adorable stethoscope. Makurokurosuke is a perfect choice too! It’s personal, it’s not too outlandish, and it even matches in color.

    I hope someday I will be where you are in your career. Glad to know I hang out with the brightest. ^ ^

    Rheumato Diary is really neat. Most of it (or rather all of it) fly by my head, as my study in college was mostly on immunology and research. Still, it was very fascinating! I’ll remember to drop by from time to time.

    Never got into coffee. I’m more of a tea person. From what I hear, coffee seems to be quite hard to quit, so good luck. ^ ^

    • Thanks! I am naturally quite introvert and I suspect that other people usually regard me as ‘outlandish figure’ already :P
      Oh, my side blog is a very personal project. I wrote it wholly for myself.
      Despite what I said in your blog about your applying the med school, I wish you the best of luck and never forget to blog XD

  3. Nice addition to the stethoscope! I’ve got a makkuro kurosoke shirt on the way from J-List. ^^

    Congratulations on entering a new phase of your studies/career, too!

  4. 1). That fits Makurokurosuke fits perfectly to your stethoscope! I will be interested to see how long it will take until someone actually recognize that and point it out:) That’s always the thrill of having some subtle, anime-related items recognized. And hope you enjoy the doctor experience! I once wanted to become a doctor too when I was young but then I’m realized I’m scared of blood…

    2). Reading a bit of your other blog gives me similar feeling to listening to my mum and brother (both doctors talk) about cases. It really just flies over my head!

    3). It does sound like you are in need of a rationing:) I remember reading somewhere that when a person says coffee helps them give them a boost in the morning, it is not true. Drinking coffee merely brings you back from -2 (where one starts due to coffee addiction) back to 0… You can always substitute that with something else. I’m sure a cup of nice hot chocolate is equally as good:)

    • 1) So far, no one recognized it. How sad, more people should really see Totoro!
      So you don’t like blood. I, on the other hand, love blood, bloody anime, blood spattered battle scenes and all :P

      3) Thanks for the advice! I tried having tea but that didn’t work well. Maybe I’ll try chocolate next time!

  5. “In fact, coffee was one of the major things that contributed to my success today.”

    Spoken like a true addict! ;)

    I wish I could offer you helpful advice, but I drink too much of it myself. At least I have learned which places have cheap coffee, and (even better) which places I can go for endless refills.

  6. Congrats on graduating from med school! As for the coffee addiction, I used to drink more coffee than I do now. I’ve found that one cup in the morning, and one in the mid- to late-afternoon seems to work well. Or possibly – the frappes you’ve been drinking are more sugar than actual caffeine…? In which case, you might try just coffee itself – without the blended/whipped cream/froth/sugar. (But then – that’s more caffeine, and you’re trying to drink less. Gah. I don’t think I’m helping very much here…)

    • Thanks!
      I usually order coffee with no no whipped cream and low fat/low sugar modification but I am not sure if that can significantly reduce my sugar intake :(

  7. I enjoyed this post a lot! I may consider something similar for my blog at some point. Also the stethoscope decoration is perfect. When I went out into the working world I had a hard time deciding how I would represent my love of anime/figures without going overboard at the office. The end result was my winter uniform Konata Figma at my desk.

  8. I thought that was the dust ball things from Spirited Away. Right studio, wrong movie.

    Always good to see anime fans move up in the world though and I do hope you’re enjoying what you’re doing!

  9. Oh wow, congrats on graduating from med school!

    I didn’t realize where your Makurokurosuke was from until I read further down, even though I saw the movie. >_>

    A side blog is a good thing to have. I sometimes get the urge to write about CS related topics, but still haven’t gotten around to making a side blog yet. RheumatoDiary looks interesting, although I had to go wiki what Rheumatology was (I learned something new!).

    I never picked up coffee drinking. I was hooked on soda in high school, but I stopped and only mostly drink water now.

  10. haha What a cute stethoscope! :3 Those beasties actually dwell in Tokyo libraries at night :P

    Rheumatology is an interesting specialty. I once considered it, but decided to pursue other area. Good luck with your fellowship!

    • Thanks! but I have to get through this Int Med program first which is very very hard and soul-crushing, to be honest. So you once considered the similar specialty. I recall your work is related to research, what field are you pursuing?

      • Yes, Internal Medicine residency is extremely hard. I hope you are not too sleep deprived! However, I am sure you can do it! :)

        That’s classified information :P I’ll send you a PM.

  11. I wonder if you’d do surgeries ._.

  12. Hey!!! Cute stethoscope … item XD I am really “involved” with coffee as well, but I hate spending excessive money on it… so I have some friends in Colombia send me the goods :P … otherwise I buy some beans from various places and grind. It’s very expensive to Starbucks everyday (no clue how my mother does this), especially with non-regular coffee drinks.

    I wouldn’t worry too much about the caffeine, I would worry about the crazy amounts of sugar when consuming multiple sweet drinks. I drink my coffee plain, often with cream, and tend to either snack on a pastry or use agave nectar for sweetening.

    • Thanks for the advice! I really should worry more about the extra sugar and calories from those coffee add-ons.

      I felt like I have been robbed by Starbucks -_-;

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