The Grand Duel, the final campaign!

The night is serene, painted with the soothing silvery moonlight. This is a perfect time for the grand duel. Today, my fate will be decided.

Update 22/6/10: the match ends, so does Canne’s run in this Aniblog tourney. Thousands of thanks for your support!

Win or lose, I am honored.

This could be the last time I get to do the ‘Kill Bill’ campaign. The fourth round of Aniblog Tourney is upon me. I know it is not supposed to be a serious business but what’s the fun if I don’t at least try to win? I am up against psgels of Star Crossed anime blog who has been in anime blogging ground longer, has created high quality posts in an insanely great speed and has garnered far more readers than I can ever dream of. Star Crossed is one of the best blog around and I am immensely honored to be here. In short, I am fighting a losing battle but at least I’ll make it memorable.

A perfect scenry for an epic duel

For those who are new to my blog, feel free to look around. The ‘browse all reviews’ and ‘articles’ pages on the main menu can help you get clearer picture of the two type of contents I do on this blog; anime review and general anime articles. Or you can just read this post.

For my regular readers, I have done this a few times already and you know what to do. I can hardly ask you to vote for the better blog because that would be suicidal. Instead, please vote for the blog you enjoy. Give your support to the smaller blog who truly and clearly needs it. Thank you!

Let’s build up the mood!

I insist that you listen to this epic piece of music from Kill Bill ost whether you have already heard it before or not.

26 responses to “The Grand Duel, the final campaign!

  1. Voted for you. I think regardless of the outcome of this particular poll, how far you’ve gone in this tourney really speaks to your ability to write. Good luck. ^ ^

  2. Kill Bill has the best soundtrack ever.

  3. I don’t see how anyone can lose with a Kill Bill campaign. I’m going to vote for you as much as I can. I like this song from Kill Bill. The actual song is like….16 minutes long. The actual part from Kill Bill is about halfway through. Kill Bill rules and I hope you smash Star Crossed to bits.

    • yeah, this is a great song. It’s a pity only the small intro sequence was actually heard in the movie (when Oren Ishii took off her shoes…sandals?)

  4. I still need to watch Kill Bill (along with about at least a dozen other movies), but that is a pretty awesome track. Now to beat Star-Crossed…..

  5. Canne, you have my support all the way!!!!!! I hope you win this round, and I will do my best to rally some support for you!!!!! :)

  6. TheVoiceofReason

    Didn’t vote for ya since I hadn’t heard of ya before…
    but I see you’ve got a nice thing going here.

    If it’s any relief: the only way to become a true immortal hero is by perishing on the battlefield against an insurmountable foe. Victors just end up getting hated over time :p

    • It’s really nice to have you around and I’m glad you like my blog. I actually understand your choice in voting. One can hardly look at Star-Crossed as an adversary, he is too nice :)

  7. You got my vote Canne

  8. Voted. All the best! If you happens not to go through, you should definitely do an epilogue post to gloriously cap off this amazing run:) But don’t let me rain down on the parade yet and hope you put up a good fight worthy of the Bride herself!

    • An epilogue post seems like a nice idea but I’ll have to be careful not to say anything too drama-inducing o_o

      About the race, I wish I had a secret weapon like the Bride does (Five point palm exploding heart technique).

  9. As always, voted for ya, hang in there.

    That’s my pick for your final battle, gives the atmosphere of ‘win no matter what happens’.

  10. Gooooood luck! voted for you ;D

  11. I was a star-crossed reader god known when so I naturally rallied for that blog. You’ve got quite a blog here. Keep it going. Oh btw, you’ve gained one reader. ^_^

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